Nude! The Sexiest Model of Oz

  • Nude! The Sexiest Model of Oz

    Nude! The Sexiest Model of Oz

    Australia's sexiest modelling export Jessica Gomes has posed nude for 'Madison' magazine to flaunt the curves which have made her a swimsuit superstar.

  • Bare Dare

    Bare Dare

    The 26-year-old, who has modelled for 'Sports Illustrated' magazine and 'Victoria's Secret', recently moved back to Australia and posed up sans clothing, and sans Photoshop, for the mag's November issue.

  • Great Stats !

    Great Stats !

    'I think a lot of girls can relate to me because I'm not super-thin and I've got boobs and a bum,' she says.

    Image Courtesy: Sports Illustrated

  • Loves her looks

    Loves her looks

    'And I actually look pretty good,' she said.

  • No Catwalk for the beauty

    No Catwalk for the beauty

    The Perth-born beauty said she wasn't cut out for Paris catwalks but had found her niche in the industry.

  • Hooray! America

    Hooray! America

    'I was feeling a bit rejected because I didn't do so well,' she said after attempting the cutthroat casting circuit at Paris Fashion Week in 2005. ''Sports Illustrated' made me a household name in America and gave me a niche.'

    Image Courtesy: Sports Illustrated

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