Hollywood Hotties Obsessed With Sex!

  • Hollywood Hotties Obsessed With Sex!

    Hollywood Hotties Obsessed With Sex!

    Famous American actor Billy Crystal once quoted that, 'Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place'.
    But after hearing some of the candid confessions of western hotties it looks like they think the other way round. So here we bring for you some of the sizzling dames who are madly obsessed with the S word.

  • Pamela Anderson

    Pamela Anderson

    Baywatch hottie Pam once admitted that secret of her well-toned body lies in the amount of sex she has. Besides, she even admitted that she use to put on a skimpy swimsuit to turn on her boyfriend Jamie Padgett.

  • Jessica Simpson

    Jessica Simpson

    If reports are to be believed then this stunning recording artist suggests that she is mad about lingerie, which, she believes are a real turn on for her.

  • Megan Fox

    Megan Fox

    In 2008 when Megan Fox revealed that her sexual appetite is insatiable she literally stunned everyone. And to fondle the libidinal chords of her millions of admirers she further added that, 'I have the libido of a teenage boy. I'd rather have sex all the time than leave the house.'

  • Jennifer Aniston

    Jennifer Aniston

    After getting back those hot curves there was a thorough rise in Jen's moral, who once confessed about spending a whole day without clothes at her house and even admitted cooking food for her beau Justin Theroux while being naked.

  • Courtney Love

    Courtney Love

    The sizzling singer-songwriter literally shocked everyone by her list of obsessions which has sex on the top slot.

  • Katie Price

    Katie Price

    Probably Katie's candid confession which she made in the past, about spending 48 hours in bed with her ex-beau Alex Reid will give many men a sense of inferiority complex.

  • Katie Holmes

    Katie Holmes

    Even obsession of Katie Holmes for her beau and her 'Good Company' turned into a headline a number of times. A news daily once even reported that the dame often gets frustrated with Tom's hectic schedules, because she's left hungry for more sex with hubby!


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