Meet The Hot Babes of Kamasutra

  • Meet The Hot Babes of Kamasutra

    Meet The Hot Babes of Kamasutra

    While penning Kamasutra, the ancient sex guide probably its author Vatsyayana wouldn't have realized that his erotic epic will some day turn into a limelight-hogging medium for some of the Bollywood hotties. So come check out with us a few such damsels tried to make their gossip move at the power of Kamasutra.

  • Indira Verma

    Indira Verma

    In the era when Deepa Mehta's 'Kamasutra' made it to cine world it literally took entire gossip arena by storms, but in-spite of that it was the sex appeal and prurient antics of Indira which made everyone go gaga over her and the movie.

  • Sherlyn Chopra

    Sherlyn Chopra

    When Sherlyn joined the bandwagon of prurient Kamasutra hotties there was literally made entire grapevine go crazy for her.

  • Sarita Chaudhary

    Sarita Chaudhary

    Besides Indira, another mind blowing hottie who somewhat put forth her libidinal instinct at display in Kamasutra was elegant Sarita Chaudhary.

  • Bhairavi Goswami

    Bhairavi Goswami

    Newest to join this league of Kamasutra babes is Indian model Bhairavi Goswami who has featured in a 6 minute long video titled Kamasutra-The Poetry of Sex.

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