What Apple has in stores for iPhone8 lovers?

  • What Apple has in stores for iPhone8 lovers?

    What Apple has in stores for iPhone8 lovers?

    September is the month, for which all the Apple lovers wait with their bated breaths. As in this month, Apple usually launches its new products. As this time its the 10th anniversary of Apple, so this year Apple lovers are waiting for something really big and really exciting. Rumours are rife that iPhone 8 will be the main attraction this year and here are some of the rumors which are in the air about iPhone 8.

  • New Variants

    New Variants

    Every year Apple has been launching two variants of their signature phones. But this year we think it's going to be four variants of their new phone. It could be a special anniversary edition celebration for their lovers.

  • New OLED Display

    New OLED Display

    According to reports and leaked images we can say that this time iPhone is going to have a really big screen. It could be of 5.5 or 5.7 inches OLED display, which is now becoming common in Android devices.

  • Overhauled Design

    Overhauled Design

    Rumours are that Apple is going overhaul its design. The new iPhone could come with complete glass back with the dual camera placed vertically. There are also rumors that signature home button will be terminated and Touch ID can be moved to the back.

  • More Security Features

    More Security Features

    The grapevine suggests that Apple is including a 3D face recognition feature for unlocking, enabled by new sensors above the screen. For OS navigation, iOS already offers an optional virtual button that can be enabled in settings. The new iPhone might just make the virtual home button less of an optional item.

  • Wireless Charging

    Wireless Charging

    Glass backs point towards support for wireless charging. Wireless or inductive charging doesn't work through metal but it does work through glass or plastic. Apple fans have been asking for this every year and it seems that it will finally arrive. Apple already offers wireless charging for Apple Watch and other phones have it too so the technology is available. What's not clear is whether Apple will choose one of the existing standards like Qi or implement something proprietary. Choosing Qi will be easier since accessories are already available.

  • Better and Improved Hardware

    Better and Improved Hardware

    Every year, new iPhones get a hardware bump. Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are both powered by 16nm Apple A10 Fusion chips while the new iPhones are expected to have an all-new 10nm Apple A11 processor. This will not only offer a major performance boost but will also improve overall battery life, thanks to improved efficiency. As for storage, we expect the new iPhone to start at 64GB with 256GB and 512GB options, like the iPad Pro.

  • Price


    One thousand US dollars, (yes $1,000) is the rumored starting price of the new variant of the iPhone at launch. Over the past few years, Apple has kept the price of the iPhone at about US$ 649/699 for the base variant. The new iPhone 7s will probably still start at this price. However, if it's the iPhone 810XPro you want, be ready to shell out big money.

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