The Best Booties of Bollywood - 2017

  • The Best Booties of Bollywood - 2017

    The Best Booties of Bollywood - 2017

    There were days when the Bollywood celebs were considered hot due to their size zero figures but now hotness lies in having curvaceous bodies. So here are few such damsels of cine aisles, who own the hottest and sexy booties of Bollywood.

  • 10. Alia Bhatt

    10. Alia Bhatt

    The youngest actress on this list and at number 10 is Alia Bhatt. After debuting with SOTY, she has given many hits and made a place in Bollywood. Her sexy looks has also garnered lots of attention.

  • 9. Nargis Fakhri

    9. Nargis Fakhri

    Being a true fitness freak Nargis ensures to take care of her booty. She flaunts her butts proudly and says 'My butt is hot'.

  • 8. Priyanka Chopra

    8. Priyanka Chopra

    Even Priyanka Chopra has got one of the most admirable curvaceous body in the glamour town. She is known for her bold appearance in many movies. Her character in Hollywood release Baywatch was also one of the hottest characters she has played.

  • 7. Katrina Kaif

    7. Katrina Kaif

    Katrina is the only damsel from tinsel town who has also won the title of World's Sexiest Women. And she well deserves it for her natural and curvaceous body. Katrina's body stature is so much in the proportion that everyone considers her to be the real Butt-luscious babe of Bollywood.

  • 6. Deepika Padukone

    6. Deepika Padukone

    It won't be wrong to call Deepika the gorgeous treat for the gazes of cine goers. Deepika brags of athletic body accentuated by chiseled curves. Her glamour and sex appeal make fans' heartbeats skip a beat.

  • 5. Kareena Kapoor

    5. Kareena Kapoor

    Kareena Kapoor is not only blessed with a pretty face but also has a hot butt. She is often seen flaunting her sexy butts at many occasions.

  • 4. Vidya Balan

    4. Vidya Balan

    We haven't seen size-zero Vidya Balan so far. In fact, she carries her plumpy looks with lots of styles. Her hotness lies in her curvaceous body which she flaunts with elan.

  • 3. Sunny Leone

    3. Sunny Leone

    Sunny Leone is on number three and undoubtedly she is the fantasy girl for many and with the booty she has, the list of her followers is increasing every day.

  • 2. Malaika Arora

    2. Malaika Arora

    Malaika Arora is probably Bollywood's favourite and original item girl, and she displays her booty with elan. She is one hot babe of Bollywood who knows how to show it off and that too without making it look vulgar.

  • 1. Jacqueline Fernandez

    1. Jacqueline Fernandez

    And the number 1 on the list is Jacqueline as she not only possesses a great body but she also shows it off by her unique gait. This further gets enhanced due to her lean frame of 5 feet and 6 inches.

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