Top 10 Bollywood-Cricket Jodis you never knew

  • Top 10 Bollywood-Cricket Jodis you never knew

    Top 10 Bollywood-Cricket Jodis you never knew

    Bollywood and cricket are two of the most glamorous professions in India. And, when people associated with these two come together, it is a double whammy for the fans. While some of the couples have proved that such divine alliances are successful, others were not able to get a seat on the love boat. Let us take a look at some of the famous couples who always had a thing but they never got hitched. But before that a disclaimer - we have not included all those who got married; or those who almost everybody is aware of like Neena Gupta-Vivian Richard, Kapil Dev - Sarika, Yuvi-Deepika and Kim Sharma, Saurav Ganguly - Nagma or Zaheer Khan - Isha Sharwani and Usman Afzal - Amrita Arora.

  • Imran Khan - Zeenat Aman

    Imran Khan - Zeenat Aman

    Imran Khan was hot property when it came to Indian actresses who would go weak in their knees on just hearing his name or seeing him on TV. Bollywood diva and actress, Zeenat Aman got close to Imran during one of his cricket tours to India in the 70's. Due to the continuous rivalry between the two nations, the couple called it quits as Zeenat went on to marry actor Mazhar Khan and Imran married Jemina Khan, respectively.

  • Gary Sobers - Anju Mahendru

    Gary Sobers - Anju Mahendru

    The West Indian all-rounder great Sir Garry Sobers met Anju Mahendru during one of his official tours to India in 1966-67. During one of the do's cupid struck and both started to see each other. The actress was still a struggler in Bollywood but grew famous after she was linked to the former West Indian captain. The couple fell apart as it was reported that Anju's parents were averse to their daughter marrying a black.

  • Salim Durani - Parveen Babi

    Salim Durani - Parveen Babi

    The flamboyant Indian cricketer of the 60's and 70's, Salim Durrani who played the lead in the B.R. Ishara directed the movie, 'Charitra' in 1973 opposite debutant Parveen Babi, had a brief affair. Salim's Casanova ways made Parveen choose her filmy career over him thus, resulting in a break-up soon after the release of the film.

  • Wasim Akram - Sushmita Sen

    Wasim Akram - Sushmita Sen

    One of the biggest scoops when the former Pakistani captain, Wasim Akram and former Miss Universe and actress, Sushmita Sen grew closer to each other after they met as judges on the television dance show 'Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena' in 2008. The relationship was cut short as Wasim, a widower and a father of two boys found it hard reach a consensus with the Bollywood diva who already had two adopted daughters. Later the cricketer tied the knot with his Australian girlfriend, Shaniera Thompson on August 12, 2013.

  • Ravi Shastri - Amrita Singh

    Ravi Shastri - Amrita Singh

    The flamboyant Indian cricketer of the 80's and 90's, Ravi Shastri who was a hot favorite among girls had an affair with actress Amrita Singh who worked in films like 'Betaab', 'Mard', 'Naam'and 'Aaina'. Their affair became the talk of the tinsel town with pictures splashed on top magazine covers. However, the affair went kaput as Amrita started dating Vinod Khanna before marrying Saif Ali Khan whereas Shastri got married to Ritu Singh.

  • Sreesanth - Riya Sen

    Sreesanth - Riya Sen

    Controversial cricketer, Sreesanth who is currently married, was once upon believed to have been close to actress Riya Sen. The two met on the sets of a jewellery brand shoot where they got to know each other. Though the couple never admitted to being in a relationship but Sreesanth's uncertainty in the national team was the reason quoted for their breakup.

  • Mohd. Asif - Veena Malik

    Mohd. Asif - Veena Malik

    Pakistani actress Veena Malik who made it to Bollywood after featuring in the TV reality show 'Bigg Boss' season 4 was involved with Pakistan tainted cricketer Mohammad Asif. The actress who openly confessed to her relationship with the cricketer finally broke all ties after she was questioned on her involvement in the match-fixing episode for which the cricketer was found guilty. Veena currently is married to Dubai based businessman, Asad Bashir Khan Khattak and has two children.

  • Ajay Jadeja - Madhuri Dixit

    Ajay Jadeja - Madhuri Dixit

    Ajay Jadeja also enjoyed his moment in the sun as his name became involved with a string of Bollywood actresses, including Madhuri Dixit, Raveena Tandon, and Tabassum Hashmi alias Tabu. In fact, after Jadeja did a photo session with the 'Dhak Dhak' girl for a film magazine, there were widespread rumors that he and Madhuri were dating each other and also doing a movie together.

  • Rohit Sharma - Sofia Hayat

    Rohit Sharma - Sofia Hayat

    In 2012 there was news of Rohit Sharma dating Sofia Hayat. It was Sofia who revealed that she had dated Rohit and that it was over! While she did not give the exact reason behind their breakup, she said that 'she was looking for a gentleman this time'. After five years in 2017, Sofia blocked Rohit on twitter.

  • Mahendra Singh Dhoni - Raai Laxmi

    Mahendra Singh Dhoni - Raai Laxmi

    Though Mahendra Singh Dhoni or Raai Laxmi never admitted their relationship, it was Raai Laxmi who recently at a media interaction said, 'This needs to have a full stop. It was a long time ago, he is happily married now, he has kids. Everybody knows everybody in today's world and you may end up with a person tomorrow whom you don't know today. It is the process of life and certain things don't work out, and then you have to move on.'

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