Bollywood movies with a realistic take on premarital sex

  • Bollywood movies with a realistic take on premarital sex

    Bollywood movies with a realistic take on premarital sex

    Bollywood movies have really evolved over the years. Whether it is about portraying the strong individual characters or expressing a strong viewpoint. The new-age filmmakers know their audience well and they have theirs on point of view on pre-marital sex. Here are a few movies which gave a realistic take on the changing times and pushed the boundaries of Indian cinema:

  • 1.Band Bajaa Baraat (2010)

    1.Band Bajaa Baraat (2010)

    Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma starrer Band Baja Baraat wowed the audiences with their sizzling chemistry. The film not only showcased the changing lifestyle of India's youth but also portrayed how sex is a common part of relationships nowadays.

  • 2. Cocktail (2012)

    2. Cocktail (2012)

    This rom-com/drama flick showed a love triangle between Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and debutant Diana Penty. The film also deals with live-in relationships and premarital sex in a very unusual but interesting manner.

  • 3. Shuddh Desi Romance (2013)

    3. Shuddh Desi Romance (2013)

    Director Maneesh Sharma knows the lifestyle and attitude of the youth, and just like Band Bajaa Baraat, he dealt with similar issues in Shuddh Desi Romance. Unlike a lot of contemporary films, it explores the views of the rural youth on issues like love marriages, premarital sex, live-in relationships, and commitment.

  • 4. Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania (2014)

    4. Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania (2014)

    The film follows the adventures of Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan as they meet, fall in love and face opposition to their marriage. It beautifully captures how naturally love happens, as well as the resistance today's generation faces from their parents.

  • 5. Finding Fanny (2014)

    5. Finding Fanny (2014)

    A hilarious film in its own right, Finding Fanny has Deepika Padukone and Arjun Kapoor who celebrate their old romance in an open field, beneath a starry sky! Taboo? We say not!

  • 6. Queen (2014)

    6. Queen (2014)

    Ah, how could we forget this gem? Queen had some remarkable characters like that of Lisa Haydon An independent single mother as cool as a cucumber and Kangana Ranaut's Rani: the girl who discovered herself after losing herself in France. That scene where Rani has her first kiss? Pure gold!

  • 7. Katti Batti (2015)

    7. Katti Batti (2015)

    While the movie itself tanked at the box office, it had a rather interesting plot. A girl and a boy meet in college, get into a relationship and deal with all the struggle an unmarried couple deals with when they want to live together. It was so realistic that some of the scenes could be almost relatable for those already in a live-in relationship.

  • 8. Befikre (2016)

    8. Befikre (2016)

    The 2016 romantic drama shot in Paris with approximately 23 kisses throughout the movie, Befikre is YRF's most sexual film so far. The story revolves around two commitment-phobic individuals who decide to get into a no-strings-attached kind of relationship. It ends up becoming a big mess because they start developing feelings for each other. Even though the movie was a failure, 10 points for the realistic and very relatable plot!

  • 9. Raman Raghav 2.0 (2016)

    9. Raman Raghav 2.0 (2016)

    Very few watched this masterpiece of a film, but boy was it worth the watch! The relationship portrayed between Vicky Kaushal's character Raghavan and his girlfriend Smrutika played by Sobhita Dhulipala was quite dark and pretty unrealistic, well, at least for the normal folks. But the way they portrayed jealousy, being taken for granted and the pain that comes with wanting to move ahead in your relationship but your partner not being ready are some very realistic things showcased beautifully.

  • 10. OK Jaanu (2017)

    10. OK Jaanu (2017)

    The Hindi remake of Tamil movie O Kadhal Kanmani, Ok Jaanu starring Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapoor was a movie about a couple who want to live-in before they both go their separate ways for their respective careers. The struggles of being in a live-in relationship in a country like India, how the love grows when you start living with them vs. when you're just another couple was highlighted beautifully in this one.

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