Top 10 Adult Film Actresses Who are Rich and Famous!

  • Top 10 Adult Film Actresses Who are Rich and Famous!

    Top 10 Adult Film Actresses Who are Rich and Famous!

    Though Adult Film Industry or Adult Films are not discussed freely it has surely allured everyone and people feel curious to know everything related to it. And we are sure you also wanted to know about the paychecks or how much these female porn stars are worth of. So here we bring you the list of Top 10 adult film actresses who are rich and famous. Take a look:

  • 10. Nikki Benz - $1,000,000

    10. Nikki Benz - $1,000,000

    Ukrainian Canadian adult actress, Nikki Benz is famous all across the globe for her contribution to the adult industry. She has worked in 217 videos as a performer. To conclude she got a net worth of $1,000,000.

  • 9. Asa Akira - $1,500,000

    9. Asa Akira - $1,500,000

    Born in Manhattan, New York, Asa started her career at a young age and she started to take big strides towards success right from the beginning. Now she has worked in 505 movies as a performer and she is now one of the most searched adult actresses.

  • 8. Lisa Ann - $2,000,000

    8. Lisa Ann - $2,000,000

    Lisa Ann does not need any introduction. She was the most searched adult actress in 2016. Undoubtedly, she had one of the most decorated careers in the adult industry to conclude, she is the eighth richest adult actress in the world.

  • 7. Sunny Leone - $2.500,000

    7. Sunny Leone - $2.500,000

    Sunny Leone is currently active in Indian film industry. However, she had a prolific career in the adult industry. She worked in 56 adult films as an actress and she had directed 59. Although she had quitted the adult industry a few years ago she is still one of the most searched adult actresses.

  • 6. Sasha Grey - $3,000,000

    6. Sasha Grey - $3,000,000

    Sasha started her adult career at the age of 18 and she reached the top of it without wasting much time. However, now she has quit the adult industry and she told that she has no desire of returning.

  • 5. Jenna Haze - $3,700,000

    5. Jenna Haze - $3,700,000

    Likewise Sasha Grey, Jenna also has quitted the adult films. However, she has worked in 602 adult films and she has earned a huge amount from her previous career.

  • 4. Bree Olson - $5,000,000

    4. Bree Olson - $5,000,000

    Bree Olson is one of the biggest names in the Adult Industry. She has worked in 486 adult films. Undoubtedly, she earned some big money from those films.

  • 3. Jesse Jane - $8,000,000

    3. Jesse Jane - $8,000,000

    Jesse Jane has won many awards for her performance in the adult industry. Moreover, she is one of the most popular adult actresses of all time.

  • 2. Tera Patrick - $15,000,000

    2. Tera Patrick - $15,000,000

    After delivering 130 adult videos, Patrick retired in 2008. Now she is operating her website. Furthermore, now she hosts shows.

  • 1. Jenna Jameson - $30,000,000

    1. Jenna Jameson - $30,000,000

    The 'Queen of Porn' and the most famous 'adult entertainment performer', Jenna Jameson topped the list with $30,000,000 net worth. Undoubtedly, she is the best of all time.

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