Famous Celebrities and their lookalikes!

  • Famous Celebrities and their lookalikes!

    Famous Celebrities and their lookalikes!

    As it is often said that we all have lookalikes in this world and there is a perception that there are at least 7 people in the world who look exactly like you. Well, I haven't come across my doppelganger yet but here we bring you the list of few celebrities who are lookalikes. Take a look:

  • Orlando Bloom - Osman Khalid Butt

    Orlando Bloom - Osman Khalid Butt

    Hollywood heartthrob Orlando Bloom has millions of fans around the world, the famous Hollywood star has an uncanny resemblance to Pakistani actor Osman Khalid Butt. He is like a brother from another mother.

  • Jeff Goldblum - Priyanshu Mukherjee

    Jeff Goldblum - Priyanshu Mukherjee

    Hollywood actor Jeff Goldblum also has a lookalike in Bollywood. Actor Priyanshu Mukherjee's looks are almost like Jeff Goldblum. Jeff has delivered some unforgettable performances, on the other hand, Priyanshu failed to leave an impression on the industry with his acting skills.

  • Shammi Kapoor - Elvis Presley

    Shammi Kapoor - Elvis Presley

    Yesteryears' legendary actor Shammi Kapoor's hairstyle, body language and dancing style resembled Elvis Presley. Not the style but their looks were also same.

  • Jeetendra - Charlie Sheen

    Jeetendra - Charlie Sheen

    With their identical features, Jeetendra and Two And A Half Men star Charlie Sheen could be related. Not only the looks are same but their style also has a resemblance.

  • Arbaaz Khan - Roger Federer

    Arbaaz Khan - Roger Federer

    They are probably the most popular lookalikes in India. Everytime Federer performs well, people start sharing Arbaz Khan's picture to congratulate him.

  • John Abraham - Antonio Banderas

    John Abraham - Antonio Banderas

    Bollywood hunk John Abraham is a splitting image of The Mask of Zorro actor Antonio Banderas. There are many people in the world who think the same that these two actors can play each others' role.

  • Esha Gupta - Angelina Jolie

    Esha Gupta - Angelina Jolie

    Hot and sultry Esha Gupta's look, features and curves are same as her Hollywood counterpart Angelina Jolie. These two hotties bear almost same persona as well.

  • Akshay Kumar - Shawn Michaels

    Akshay Kumar - Shawn Michaels

    The hit machine Akshay Kumar also has a doppelganger in the world. Professional wrestler and actor Shwan Michaels bears an uncanny resemblance with Akshay Kumar. Not only their looks match but there are other few things which are common in these two celebrities. These two are hardcore fitness freaks.

  • Priyanka Chopra - Navpreet Banga

    Priyanka Chopra - Navpreet Banga

    Priyanka Chopra who is already going places with her acting and has established herself as a successful actress in Bollywood and Hollywood also has a lookalike. Canada based fitness blogger who has also made her acting debut in Punjabi film industry bears striking resemblance to Priyanka Chopra.

  • Hrithik Roshan - Bradley Cooper

    Hrithik Roshan - Bradley Cooper

    And keeping the best one for the last, our gorgeous actor Hrithik Roshan could be a carbon copy of Hollywood superstar of the American Sniper and Hangover movies fame, Bradley Cooper. Same light eyes, same long nose and same expression and both are brilliant in their field.

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