Celebrities who were found dead in bathrooms!

  • Celebrities who were found dead in bathrooms!

    Celebrities who were found dead in bathrooms!

    Ever since the news of veteran Bollywood actress Sridevi's death has been broken out, there were many speculations about the death of the celebrity and now the last rites of Sridevi have been performed and media has been informed about the actual cause of death. According to post-mortem, Dubai Police has clarified that 'accidental drowning' is the main cause of death, as Sridevi was found motionless in the bathtub of a hotel room. Here we take a look at other celebrities who were found dead in bathrooms. Take a look:

  • Sridevi


    Sridevi died at the age of 54, in Dubai. She was found lying motionless in the bathtub of a hotel. According to the statement released by Dubai Police, Sridevi has died due to accidental drowning.

  • Priya Rajvansh

    Priya Rajvansh

    Priya Rajvansh is one of the most beautiful and underrated actresses from Bollywood who acted in films like 'Heer Ranjha' and 'Hanste Zakhm' in the 70s. She was found murdered in the bathroom of filmmaker Chetan Anand's Ruia Park bungalow in 2000.

  • Brittany Murphy

    Brittany Murphy

    Hollywood stunner Brittany Murphy, who charmed many with her acting and infectious smile was found dead in the bathroom. According to reports died due to collapsing in the shower.

  • Whitney Houston

    Whitney Houston

    American singer and actress Whitney Houston was also found dead in the bathtub of a hotel in Los Angeles. She was found by her entourage.

  • Amy Winehouse

    Amy Winehouse

    Another American singer Amy Winehouse was found dead in the bathroom due to drug and alcohol addiction. She was 27 years old at the time of death.

  • Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson

    The king of pop Michael Jackson was found dead in the bathroom. He died due to an overdose of Propofol.

  • Elvis Presley

    Elvis Presley

    The Rock 'n' Roll King, Elvis Presley was found dead on the bathroom floor in his Graceland mansion on August 16, 1977. His addiction to prescription drugs was well known and a vomit stain on the carpet showed that he had become sick while seated on the toilet and had stumbled to the spot where he died.

  • Jim Morrison

    Jim Morrison

    The lead singer for The Doors, Jim Morrison was found dead in his bathtub in Paris in July 1971. He reportedly had dried blood around his mouth and nose and bruising on his chest, suggesting a massive hemorrhage brought on by tuberculosis.

  • Lupe Velez

    Lupe Velez

    Actress Lupe Velez found drowned with her head in the toilet on December 13, 1944.

  • Claude Francois

    Claude Francois

    French pop singer Claude Francois was electrocuted while fixing a broken light bulb while standing in a water-filled bathtub in his Paris apartment in March 1978.

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