Top 10 Female Fitness Freaks of Bollywood!

  • Top 10 Female Fitness Freaks of Bollywood!

    Top 10 Female Fitness Freaks of Bollywood!

    When it's about keeping their hotness quotient high, then our B-town babes certainly have no competition. In order to ensure their bodies remain in shape, these damsels have picked up a healthy habit of training and exercise. Let's take a look at some of these hottest babes of Bollywood who are complete fitness freaks. Take a look:

  • Malaika Arora

    Malaika Arora

    Let it be gym, yoga or anything else, Malaika is very much active and addicted to work out and she maintains herself perfectly fit getting the perfect curves. Though she is a mother of two kids still she looks young, hot and sexy just because of her fitness regime.

  • Kriti Sanon

    Kriti Sanon

    Being a Punjabi, Kriti is a great foodie and loves eating but still, she has maintained herself elegantly. Kriti is a die-hard fitness freak who does lots of exercises. Kriti's workout includes a mix of the gym workout, dancing, and Pilates. She also drinks lots of water to keep herself hydrated.

  • Rakul Preet Singh

    Rakul Preet Singh

    Being a Punjabi Rakul cannot keep herself away from the food but she makes sure she eats healthy food. Rakul avoids eating junk food and does regular exercise. Her daily routine includes warm-up exercises followed by cardio, and strength training and cooling down.

  • Parineeti Chopra

    Parineeti Chopra

    Losing weight was not easy for Parineeti, considering her love for food. But, with a rigorous workout regime and a strict diet plan, she has finally shed those extra pounds. Her fat to fab journey is an inspiration for many who want to be in shape.

  • Kareena Kapoor

    Kareena Kapoor

    Kareena's fitness formula is a mix of cardio, yoga exercises and dance. She likes to devote one to two hours daily for her fitness workout. She is one of the keen followers of yoga and believes that yoga is effective in synergizing your body, health, and mind. She loves to practice power yoga and hot yoga to maintain her sizzling look.

  • Alia Bhatt

    Alia Bhatt

    The first time Alia auditioned for the SOTY, she was not in shape and Karan Johar asked her to shed those extra kilos. That was the turning point when Alia decided to be in shape and she followed strict diet and workout plan, which helped her lose around 20 kgs in just six months. Now Alia is a complete fitness freak and she works out regularly. Pilates and Planks are other activities which keep Alia fit.

  • Katrina Kaif

    Katrina Kaif

    Katrina gives credit to yoga for her lean figure. Katrina Kaif gym regime mostly consists of core and abs exercises. She also does running, iso-planking, cycling and light weight training in the gym. All this helped her to perform an outstanding dance in her famous song sequence of Dhoom 3 where she showed her great body and was captured perfectly by the cameras to the delight of her fans.

  • Jacqueline Fernandez

    Jacqueline Fernandez

    Jacqueline Fernandez who is known for her beauty and fitness indulgence has a secret behind her sizzling figure. Yoga is very rooted in the workout and fitness regime of the svelte beauty. She practices yoga at least 3-4 times a week. She also likes to practice different activities such as pilates, hot yoga and few sets of planks which help her in staying fit.

  • Priyanka Chopra

    Priyanka Chopra

    Priyanka does not train for more than an hour in the gym, doing the exact number of exercises needed to keep her body fit. Apart from training in the gym, she does practice Yoga. Her fit body has helped her in furthering her career in Hollywood.

  • Sunny Leone

    Sunny Leone

    When it comes to fitness and hot curves Sunny Leone cannot be left behind. The sultry damsel leaves no stone unturned to stay in shape. Her fitness routine includes gym workout, Yoga, and Pilates.

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