Top 10 Yummy Mommies of Hollywood!

  • Top 10 Yummy Mommies of Hollywood!

    Top 10 Yummy Mommies of Hollywood!

    Those were the days when female stars were not considered hot once they get married and had a brood. But things have been changed over the years and leading ladies of films are also getting equal importance as compared to their male counterparts. Here we bring you the list of Top Ten Yummy Mommies of Hollywood! Take a look:

  • Angelina Jolie

    Angelina Jolie

    Angelina Jolie is probably the most loved and hot mom of Hollywood. The mother of six is a multitasker and has been an ambassador for many social campaigns. Despite being the face of these social issues, Angelina has raised her family.

  • Kate Winslet

    Kate Winslet

    The Oscar-winning actress is also on the list. Winslet apparently consults with her daughter Mia Honey on matters of fashion. Yet, the actress managed to disappoint her daughter by wearing a grey gown to this year's Oscars. Mia was apparently aghast.

  • Jennifer Garner

    Jennifer Garner

    The American actress Jennifer Garner got married to Ben Affleck and has three kids with him. The sexy mommy has always managed to grab eyeballs with her outings.

  • Katie Holmes

    Katie Holmes

    Hollywood's favourite Katie Holmes got into the relationship with Tom Cruise and has a child with him. The beautiful actress has perfectly balanced her personal and professional life.

  • Beyonce


    The R&B singer got married in 2008 with Jay-Z and has three children with him. Despite being fully occupied with her work commitments Beyonce has balanced her personal and professional lives beautifully.

  • Cate Blanchett

    Cate Blanchett

    Cate Blanchett got married in 1997 with Andrew Upton and has four kids with him. Cate has many hit films to her credit and has won lots of accolades.

  • Salma Hayek

    Salma Hayek

    Salma Hayek is the yummiest of all on the list. She is 51 years old and still ruling the hearts of many.

  • Jessica Alba

    Jessica Alba

    The 36-year-old Jessica got married in 2008 and has three kids with him. Despite her successful stint, Jessica manages to take time for her family.

  • Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez has married three times and has two kids from these marriages. JLo has successfully managed her professional and personal life.

  • Gal Gadot

    Gal Gadot

    The wonder woman Gal Gadot has two kids with Yaron Varsano with whom she got married in 2008. The wonder woman star has millions of followers around the world and despite her packed schedule, she manages her time for her family.

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