10 Facts about Daniel Weber and Sunny Leone you don't know

  • 10 Facts about Daniel Weber and Sunny Leone you don't know

    10 Facts about Daniel Weber and Sunny Leone you don't know

    There will be hardly anyone, who would say that Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber doesn't make a great pair. Both of them are indeed a very sweet and adorable couple. So as we are talking about them, here are some unknown and amazing facts about this super amazing and adorable pair.

  • 1. The First Date

    1. The First Date

    Sunny Leone made Daniel Weber wait for over a period of 6 weeks before she actually agrees to go out with him for a date. Not only this, Sunny Leone made this man wait even after that as she showed up very late on their first date.

  • 2. There First Meeting

    2. There First Meeting

    They met each other at a restaurant for the first time where Daniel fell in Love with Sunny Leone and then it took 9 years for there relation to tie the knots.

  • 3. The Wedding

    3. The Wedding

    You'll be surprised to know that this couple who have lived abroad has tied the knot at a Gurudwara and had a traditional marriage over a fancy one. Sunny also says that as a kid, she and her brother were forced to participate in Kirtan every weekend and it is now she realizes that it was her own benefit and good. She also says that 'Since both of my parents are not alive now, it is very important for me to make sure the traditions carryforwards with the family.'

  • 4. Working in Same Adult Film

    4. Working in Same Adult Film

    Very rare people know but they both belong to the adult film industry and also they have worked in same adult movie as well.

  • 5. Business Partners and Life Partners

    5. Business Partners and Life Partners

    Well, usually people avoid working with their partners and here this couple is not only life partners but are business partners as well. Both of them has officially tied up with each other and co-own a production firm as well.

  • 6. The Movie Scripts

    6. The Movie Scripts

    No doubt that Daniel is a very happy and proud husband and undoubtedly a very supportive one as well. Before taking any new project, Sunny Leone makes sure that her husband has gone through the entire screenplay and papers of the project. She herself says that ' I do not sign anything without his permission and consent. I make sure that he has gone through everything and that too properly.'

  • 7. Not only Great Husband but a Great Cook as well

    7. Not only Great Husband but a Great Cook as well

    Very few of you might know that Daniel is a great cook and not only this he makes sure that his wife eats healthy and stays in shape forever. Sunny also agrees to it and says that' Having Daniel with me is like having a Food FBI with me. He never misses a chance to tell me what to eat and what not to and makes sure that I am healthy and in shape'.

  • 8. Priorities

    8. Priorities

    Well, not only Daniel but Sunny is also a great cook and whenever they get some time together, they spend their time cooking food together and enjoying each other's company.

  • 9. The Gifts

    9. The Gifts

    This couple still misses no chance to pamper each other even after a long marriage. From gifting each other costly diamonds, beautiful emeralds, and luxurious cars, they do everything possible to make each other feel more wanted and loved.

  • 10. Understanding

    10. Understanding

    We all agree to the fact that the most important thing in a relationship is understanding between two people. Also, both of them also agree that they come from such an industry where they have to get involved with others for the sake of professional artwork at times but the best part is they understand each other well. We hope that this beautiful couple stays together forever and keeps surprising everyone with their never-ending love and bond.

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