Sara Ali Khan wanna work with Varun, date Kartik and marry Ranbir!

  • Sara Ali Khan wanna work with Varun, date  Kartik  and marry Ranbir!

    Sara Ali Khan wanna work with Varun, date Kartik and marry Ranbir!

    Koffee With Karan is a hot property and why not? We get the best of the Bollywood celebs answering to Karan's bold questions and what we get is even bolder answers. So no one is complaining except for rival shows and uninvited celebs.

    The best thing about Karan's venture is that he has a very interesting format for this show. There are always 2 celebs as guests... they can be friends, couple, girlfriend boyfriend, siblings, cousins or even father-child. And the last episode of this show (Season 6 Episode 5) featured soon to debut actress, Sara Ali Khan and her father, Saif Ali Khan. Both were dressed to the Tee for the occasion and looked comfortable in their smart attires.

    Saif has always been a cool cucumber but it was the boldness and frankness of Sara that made this episode a hit and made it quite popular on social media with memes being generated by the fans and creative minds. We have picked up some interesting anecdotes that speaks volumes about Sara's demeanour.

  • She was very uncomfortable with his father's marriage with Kareena but a letter from Saif to Amrita on the day of the wedding, as to why they should move on made Amrita very comfortable with the the arrangement. As a result, she herself dressed up Sara and told her to stay by her father's side at all time during the ceremony.

  • Kareena is a friend to Sara and not a mother so she doesn't call her mom. Sara addresses her as Kareena and has a very healthy relationship with her; and she was always very clear about her equation with Kareena. She claims she has never shopped together but they do spend item with each other.

  • According to Saif, Sara was very patient when she was small but during their last argument, Saif hung up on Sara. And Sara was definitely uncomfortable on this incident being discussed on national television. However, she also hung on him father, not once but twice. Kareena and Amirta stepped in to resolve the tiff and cool down the father.

  • About her mother and father, she believes that they are very happy since they are divorced and they would have been unhappy if they were together. She further believes that everyone is happy including Saif, Kareena, her mom, Amrita and she herself. Now there are two happy homes instead of one unhappy home due to Saif's marriage with Kareena - a quintessential beautiful modern family.

  • She has a solitude of her father and crazy sense of humour of her mother and everyone considers her to be a purest combination of both her parents, except when they are argumentative.

  • Sara was 96 Kg heavy due to hormonal problem (PCOD) and she also loved hogging pizzas. Instead of her problem and weight, she was always a confident person and always aspired to be an actor and she never hid this ambition and considered herself to be an amazing actor.

  • She doesn't really command a very good price for her pics taken by paparazzi vis- a-vis Taimur Ali Khan but she's cool about it and loves Taimur; and considers him very adorable.

  • Out of both her parents, she considers her mom, Amrita Singh to be wilder than her father. And that was quite a revelation though we would have loved more details.

  • But the googly that she threw at the show was when she claimed that she wants to act with Varun Dhawan, date Kartik Aryan and marry Ranbir Kapoor. This really was a very bold statement and this talks volumes about her clarity of mind and her boldness. It can even be considered a good move as she wanted to win the hamper.

  • Though Saif has won two gift hampers on both the previous occasions when she appeared on Koffee With Karan, Sara won its hands down inspite of it being her debut on the show.

  • To top it all, she even won the Rapid-Fire from her dad. We wish to see her more often and would really love if she tastes success with her debut movie, Kedarnath which releases on December 07, 2018.

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