Vogue's 'Forces of Fashion'!

  • Vogue's 'Forces of Fashion'!

    Vogue's 'Forces of Fashion'!

    Almost all the Bollywood celebs are fashionistas and have upped their fashion game but there are few celebs who are not only fashionistas but also inspire millions of others with their fashion sense. Recently Vogue has done a special cover shoot with these fashionistas and they are known as 'Forces of Fashion'. Take a look:

  • Kareena Kapoor Khan

    Kareena Kapoor Khan

    She is one of the torch-bearers of the fashion world.

  • She defines the class in every act.

  • Karan Johar

    Karan Johar

    The filmmaker is known for his fashion sense and his funky wardrobe.

  • He has almost all major brands in his closet.

  • Diljit Dosanjh

    Diljit Dosanjh

    This turbaned Sikh has upped his fashion game and has inspired many with his style sense.

  • He has massive fan-following because of his fashion and style.

  • Natasha Poonawalla

    Natasha Poonawalla

    She is a philanthropist, chairperson of the Villoo Poonawalla, who is known for her fashion and style.


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