Kashmir: Through the Lens of Bollywood!

  • Kashmir: Through the Lens of Bollywood!

    Kashmir: Through the Lens of Bollywood!

    Kashmir and its issues have remained forever persistent in our hearts. It has affected us, in both body and soul. As an outlet for our catharsis, we have made artistic productions of it - be it films, music, art, or literature. The following slideshow presents you a gallery of films presenting Kashmir in all its glory and gore-

  • Junglee (1961)

    Junglee (1961)

    Features Shammi Kapoor as Shekhar, an individual who feels run down by his rigorous family traditions. Contrary to filial expectations, his sister who is free-spirit falls in love. Shekhar is tasked with separating the lovers by taking her far away to Kashmir where he falls in love with the lively Rajkumari (Saira Banu).

  • Kashmir Ki Kali (1964)

    Kashmir Ki Kali (1964)

    First on our list is Shammi Kapoor and Sharmila Tagore starrer Kashmir Ki Kali. It is a tale of a man who runs out on forced marriage, ending up in the picturesque setting of Kashmir where he falls in love with the local flower girl played by Sharmila Tagore. They decide to get married, but in the course run into heavy obstacles.

  • Jab Jab Phool Khile (1965)

    Jab Jab Phool Khile (1965)

    This romantic drama was blessed with the star power of Shashi Kapoor and Nanda. Nanda's Rita Khanna is a rich yet unsatisfied heiress who falls in love with Shashi Kapoor's boat owner, against the backdrop of Kashmiri paradise.

  • Roja (1992)

    Roja (1992)

    Mani Ratnam's 'Roja' follows the disruption of marital bliss. Roja sees her world shattered when her husband Rishi is kidnapped by Kashmiri militants.

  • Mission Kashmir (2000)

    Mission Kashmir (2000)

    This tale of revenge and deception stars Hritik Roshan, Preity Zinta, and Sanjay Dutt. Based in Kashmir, Sanjay Dutt plays a Police Superintendent Inayat Khan who adopts Altaf (Hritik Roshan) despite fearing he might exact revenge in years to come.

  • Yahaan(2006)


    Yahaan is about the doomed romance between Adaa and Captain Aman played by Minissha Lamba and Jimmy Sheirgill in the backdrop of terrorism in Kashmir.

  • Fanaa (2006)

    Fanaa (2006)

    Kajol plays Zooni, a blind girl who falls in love with Rehan (Amir Khan), a flirtatious tour guide against her better judgment. They eventually marry but are torn apart after the revelation of Rehan's true identity as a terrorist.

  • Tahaan (2008)

    Tahaan (2008)

    Wow, talk about a coming of age film! This little known gem features the journey of an eight-year-old Tahaan, who finds himself armed with a grenade. Filmed on location in Jammu Kashmir, it stars a then-unknown Fatima Sana Shaikh along with Anupam Kher, Sarika, Rahul Bose, Rahul Khanna, and Victor Banerjee.

  • Sikandar (2009)

    Sikandar (2009)

    Sikander's life as a budding footballer takes a serious hit as he finds himself embroiled in a vile political conspiracy. The film deals with the issue of terrorism in the valley of Jammu and Kashmir, showing the underbelly of a heavenly abode.

  • Haider (2014)

    Haider (2014)

    No one adapts Shakespeare into contemporary settings as Vishal Bhardwaj does, and here too he is at the peak of his filmmaking powers. Shahid Kapoor plays the titular Haider, who returns to Jammu and Kashmir to look for answers concerning the murder of his father.

  • Fitoor (2016)

    Fitoor (2016)

    Another literary adaptation on the list, this is a loose remake based on Charles Dickens' 'Great Expectations'. It stars Aditya Roy Kapur as Noor, a poor boy from a Kashmir family who falls in love with Firdaus (Katrina Kaif) and the tragedy that befalls on their love. This remake might have not lived up to expectations, but everyone will remember the scarlet soaked color palette of this movie!

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