Most Glorious Redheads of Hollywood!

  • Most Glorious Redheads of Hollywood!

    Most Glorious Redheads of Hollywood!

    Blondes may have the most fun, but they have nothing on redheads who are more feisty and wild. We present to you our preferred list of redheads that will blow your mind.

  • Amy Adams

    Amy Adams

    'Arrival' and 'The Master' is a towering figure in the craft of acting, but she rocks the red hair like no one you've met before.

  • Emma Stone

    Emma Stone

    With her signature red freckled to go with red hair and large eyes, we can't imagine the 'La La Land' actress sporting any other look!

  • Christina Hendricks

    Christina Hendricks

    For years, she played 'Joan' on AMC series 'Mad Men.' Apart from her incredible performance, what really stood out was her blazing-red hair !!

  • Sarah Rafferty

    Sarah Rafferty

    You know her as 'Donna' from the famous legal dramedy series 'Suits'. It is wrong to perpetuate stereotypes, but she does carry that fun, feisty vibe associated with red-haired-goddesses.

  • Isla Fisher

    Isla Fisher

    Another redhead, you can see a little mischief in her eyes behind an easy-going and fun-loving personality.

  • Kate Mara

    Kate Mara

    The 'House of Cards' actress is a driven person, taking on as many projects as she can. She's also amazing to look at with her sparkling eyes and, you've guessed it, red hair.

  • Katherine McNamara

    Katherine McNamara

    Wow. The 'Shadowhunters' actress is truly the resurgence of our fascination with redheads!

  • Karen Gillian

    Karen Gillian

    You have seen her as the space alien 'Nebula', but in real life, she sports a tuft of red hair. Just like us, she too is proud and completely in love with the natural shade of her hair.

  • Nicole Kidman

    Nicole Kidman

    Unlike most of the actresses on this list, she is a natural redhead and carries it very well. She's been blonde for some of her roles and has nailed that look as well.

  • Sophie Turner

    Sophie Turner

    Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones isn't a natural redhead ! Sophie Turner dyed her hair for the sake of her character, and boy we are glad that she did!

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