Bollywood Movie Sequels That Bombed

  • Bollywood Movie Sequels That Bombed

    Bollywood Movie Sequels That Bombed

    The following Bollywood sequels were a terrible idea and should not have existed in the first place:-

  • Sarkar Raj

    Sarkar Raj

    Ram Gopal Verma followed up his 'Godfather' remake with a sequel, which clearly wasn't as impactful as the first film was.

  • Bheja Fry 2

    Bheja Fry 2

    This Vinay Pathak lead, aptly titled movie was a nice surprise for the audience. However, the sequel was not a good idea.

  • Double Dhamaal

    Double Dhamaal

    Dhamaal was a huge success, so it was obvious that a sequel would come along. However, was a hotchpotch of bad writing and acting.

  • Hathyar


    Mahesh Manjrekar's crime movie 'Vaastav' was a huge deal for Sanjay Dutt. A sequel titled 'Hathyar' was made which bombed at the Box-Office.

  • Aksar 2

    Aksar 2

    As if the first movie wasn't unbearable enough, they had to make a second one! Zareen Khan starred in his horrible sequel.

  • Grand Masti

    Grand Masti

    At the time of its release, Masti became a benchmark for the sex comedy genre in Bollywood. But Grand Masti turned out to be completely abysmal.

  • Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobara

    Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobara

    Once Upon a Time in Mumbai starring Ajay Devgn and Kangana Ranaut was a brilliant movie. The sequel 'Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobara' was miscast and utter rubbish overall!

  • Krrish 3

    Krrish 3

    Krrish 3 doesn't make any sense logically. And this isn't the worst thing about the movie, as 'Krrish 3' turned out to be poor man's 'X-Men'.

  • Race 2

    Race 2

    'Race' by Abbas-Mustan was both a commercial and critical hit, but making the sequel was a bad idea. 'Race 2' was blasted by the critics.

  • Rock On 2

    Rock On 2

    Farhan Akhtar's 'Rock On' was a huge hit, however, the sequel failed to repeat its success at the Box-Office.

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