Top 10 Bollywood heist movies!

  • Top 10 Bollywood heist movies!

    Top 10 Bollywood heist movies!

    In Bollywood we have seen all types of films, our filmmakers have tried and tested every formula to taste success on the Box-Office. From romantic dramas to mafia stories, everything. Here we are talking about heist movies of Bollywood, which upped the game. Take a look at our favourite Bollywood heist movies.

  • 10. Hera Pheri 2

    10. Hera Pheri 2

    Babu Rao, Shyam, and Raju make a plan to rob some gangsters to repay the loan they took from another gangster which ends up changing their lives.

  • 9. Bunty aur Babli

    9. Bunty aur Babli

    A girl and a boy become the most famous fraudsters in India famous by the name 'Bunty aur Babli'.

  • 8. Ladies vs Ricky Behl

    8. Ladies vs Ricky Behl

    Ricky Bhel is a con artist who makes rich women fall in love with him and robs them in style.

  • 7. Kaante

    7. Kaante

    Six gangsters make the perfect plan rob a bank but things take a different turn when it is revealed that one of them is an undercover cop.

  • 6. Don 2

    6. Don 2

    One of the best heist drama films of Bollywood. Don 2 follows the story of 'Don' who after capturing Asia, sets his eyes on the European underworld market.

  • 5. Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye

    5. Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye

    Lucky is the perfect thief with skills that attract the attention of many and soon he is the most sought after the thief in India.

  • 4. Jewel Thief

    4. Jewel Thief

    This Dev Anand classic is one of the best heist dramas of Bollywood and it can be said that the film was way ahead of its time.

  • 3. Aankhen

    3. Aankhen

    Vijay Singh Rajput is fired by the bank he works for and to take revenge he forms a team of 3 blind men to rob the bank and gets what he wants.

  • 2. Special 26

    2. Special 26

    A team of conmen pose as CBI officers and conduct fake raids robbing corrupt politicians & businessmen and eventually conduct their biggest raid ever.

  • 1. Dhoom 2

    1. Dhoom 2

    Mr. A, a thief, steals valuable artifacts teams up with a girl who cannot be trusted with three police officers trying to apprehend them.

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