Must watch classic Indian OTT shows for you!

  • Must watch classic Indian OTT shows for you!

    Must watch classic Indian OTT shows for you!

    The Indian OTT entertainment industry is at at its peak today. People are binge watching their favourite shows in lockdown and more and more content is coming up everyday to fulfil the huge demand. But everything great is built on a strong foundation and today we present the shows that are the foundation of the Indian OTT industry. In a nutshell we can only say 'Ye Shows Nahin Dekhe, To Kuch Nahin Dekha'. Here they are!

  • A.I.S.H.A


    My Virtual Girlfriend (2016): A.I.SHA is the story of a relationship between a man and woman...only, the woman is the first-of-its-kind Artificial Intelligence Simulated Humanoid Assistant (A.I.SHA)

  • TVF Bachelors (2016)

    TVF Bachelors (2016)

    The series revolves around Four Bachelor Flatmates who in every episode will deal with a specific daily life bachelor related problem. Its about their battle against an external X problem as a single team The Bachelors.

  • Bang Baaja Baraat (2015)

    Bang Baaja Baraat (2015)

    Two people from very different backgrounds fall in love and decide to get married, but not without their parents blessings. Three days before the wedding they introduce each other with their respective parents and all hell breaks lose.

  • Inside Edge (2017)

    Inside Edge (2017)

    Set in a landscape of conflicting interests, where selfishness is almost a virtue, where sex, money, and power are mere means to an end, Inside Edge is a story that pulls no punches, minces no words, and takes no prisoners.

  • Girl In The City (2016)

    Girl In The City (2016)

    This show is about a young girl who comes to Mumbai to live her dreams and aim at her aspirations. It is about her journey in the big city.

  • Permanent Roommates (2014)

    Permanent Roommates (2014)

    A couple, who were in a long distance relationship for 3 years, face the prospect of getting married.

  • TVF Pitchers (2015)

    TVF Pitchers (2015)

    A story of trials and tribulations of four young entrepreneurs who quit their day jobs in order to pursue their start up venture.

  • Official Chukyagiri (2016)

    Official Chukyagiri (2016)

    Spandan Chukya, knows Mumbai is the city where all your dreams come true. On his long journey from Meerut to Mumbai, he learns that every dream has a price, every choice has a consequence and every win comes from a sacrifice.

  • Little Things (2016)

    Little Things (2016)

    A cohabiting couple in their 20s navigate the ups and downs of work, modern-day relationships and finding themselves in contemporary Mumbai.

  • Baked (2015)

    Baked (2015)

    A web-series created by Pechkas Pictures, 'Baked' chronicles the misadventures of three university flatmates who decide to start a midnight food delivery service and their ultimate journey of love and friendship.

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