Lingerie Model On Big Screen

  • Lingerie Model On Big Screen

    Lingerie Model On Big Screen

    Rosie Huntington Whiteley bursts on to the big screen in spectacular Super Bowl trailer for Transformers.

  • Spectacular


    A glimpse of Rosie Huntington Whiteley's big screen debut has been seen in the States in the most spectacular way possible. A 30-second trailer for Transformers: Dark Of The moon, costing a staggering $100,000 per second, was screened during a Super Bowl game.

  • More Than 'Just' A Second

    More Than 'Just' A Second

    And despite the Victoria's Secret model getting less than a second of air time, she has managed to steal the spotlight amongst the jaw-dropping special effects, crashes and explosions.

  • Rosie is Carly

    Rosie is Carly

    We now know that her character will be named Carly.

  • Rosie is Horrified

    Rosie is Horrified

    A vision of beauty amongst the chaos, Rosie is seen staring in horror as a car flips behind her. The 23-year-old's trademark pout and blue eyes are obvious despite her disheveled appearance.

  • Megan Replaced!

    Megan Replaced!

    Rosie, who dates action star Jason Statham, was announced as Shia LeBeouf's,( the star of the film) new love interest in the film. She replaces Megan Fox, who starred in Transformers 2.


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