Dirty Reality Shows !

  • Dirty Reality Shows !

    Dirty Reality Shows !

    It's all about getting the eyeballs, honey! And to get the viewers, the more outrages, the better! Gaalis, lowdown tricks, love, sex, dhokha and more. These reality shows are ready to bare it all! Don't forget to vote for the dirtiest of 'em all !

  • Love Lockup

    Love Lockup

    Think your love's going wrong? What do you do? Escape? Ignore the problem? Break up? Divorce? There's another option: Get a room. On Bindass Love Lockup, they give troubled couples an enclosed place where they will stay for 8 days. And what they do there is a open book....

  • Truth Love Cash

    Truth Love Cash

    Jab paisa bolta hain, niyatein badalti hain. With a tagline like that, you can imagine that Truth, Love, Cash is going to be scandalous.

  • Emotional Atyachaar

    Emotional Atyachaar

    Emotional Atyachaar is a reality show in which a person who doubts his/her boyfriend's/girlfriend's loyalty, can ask for a loyalty test on him/her. The person checking his/her partner's loyalty is referred to as the lead, while the person on whom the loyalty test is being performed is called the suspect.

    The crew members follow him/her and also ask another boy/girl to act as if he/she is intimate with him/her. These are caught on camera and shown to the lead.

  • Bigg Boss

    Bigg Boss

    Getting bolder and more in your face every season, the repercussions continue long after the winner is announced!

  • Splitsvilla


    Girl slapping boy, tempers and tantrums. Splitsvilla is one of its kind hunt for love show with the tagline of the show is World War 3 of Love. Of course some of the contestants claiming that the show's crew members had engaged in sexual acts with other contestants, dint do the TRP of the following shows any harm.

  • Date Trap

    Date Trap

    UTV Bindass gives you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to send your friends on prank date and be on TV. Watch it for some really over the top idiocy!

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