Poonam In The Nude

  • Poonam In The Nude

    Poonam In The Nude

    Poonam Pandey said daring to bare is the best way to cheer team India after their win and she's committed to strip if India wins final against SL. Pandey has been one of the most searched persons on the internet in the past two days.

  • Bare All

    Bare All

    She is all of 20 and ready to strip for Team India. Mumbai-based model Poonam Pandey wants to keep her commitment to bare all if India wins the World Cup.

  • Where And When?

    Where And When?

    Pandey says ''Of course, I am going to do it. But where? I can bare all wherever they want. It can be inside the players' dressing room or even in the stadium.''

  • People's Favourite

    People's Favourite

    'The people of India are encouraging me. Even my parents are proud of me because I am doing something for Team India. They have no issues with my going nude.'

  • Permitted Nudity

    Permitted Nudity

    When told that nudity is considered an offence and that she may get into trouble, the model said: ''I am going to take permission from BCCI. I really don't want to do anything that is against the law.''

  • Facebook Requests

    Facebook Requests

    Her friends and colleagues on Facebook, though, requested that she must strip with or without BCCI's permission.

  • Shweta Says...

    Shweta Says...

    Fellow model Shweta Sharma posted: 'Poonam has to bare all even if BCCI says no. Please don't give an excuse saying I will go nude only if they agree'.

  • Poonam's FB Status

    Poonam's FB Status

    Her Facebook status says: 'I am a New Generation Girl!!! Anything for my country to get home the World Cup. So INDIA cheer with me that we need 1983 World Cup BACK.'

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