Vampire Lindsay !

  • Vampire Lindsay !

    Vampire Lindsay !

    Now Lindsey, the troubled actress, is out for blood.

  • Baring Fangs

    Baring Fangs

    Actress Lindsay Lohan, who is pleading no contest to swiping a pricey necklace, is baring her fangs in a biting shoot for celebrity photographer Tyler Shields.

  • The Lohan Teeth

    The Lohan Teeth

    Lindsay Lohan's close friend Tyler Shields' photo exhibit, 'Life Is Not A Fairytale,' in a warehouse in East Los Angeles this weekend.

  • Vampire Exhibition

    Vampire Exhibition

    At the event, Shields unveiled artful shots in which Lohan portrays a vampire. The inspiration was simple: 'Lindsay loves vampires,' Tyler said.

  • Vamping It Up!

    Vamping It Up!

    The photographs show Lohan with scarlet red lips and pearly white fangs.

  • Michael and Lohan

    Michael and Lohan

    In one shot, in which she poses with 'The Vampire Diaries' star Michael Trevino, Lohan is biting into the movie star's neck.

  • Nice Distraction

    Nice Distraction

    The exhibition was a welcome distraction from Lohan's legal troubles.

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