Lindsay's Wardrobe Malfunction !

  • Lindsay's Wardrobe Malfunction !

    Lindsay's Wardrobe Malfunction !

    Lohan had a major wardrobe malfunction while posing for a raunchy photo shoot.

  • Wind Plays Naughty

    Wind Plays Naughty

    The 24-year-old actress wore a very low cut silky pink dress which when blown open by the wind left very little to the imagination.

  • Top Of The World

    Top Of The World

    She was on the rooftop of the Raleigh Hotel in Miami, Florida having her picture taken for an upcoming spread in the Magazine.

  • Lindsey's Cool !

    Lindsey's Cool !

    The actress seemed unaware or unconcerned about her breast being exposed and appeared to be lapping up the attention as she was fussed over by assistants.

  • Ah Lindsey!

    Ah Lindsey!

    Ah well, these things do keep happening to the Lohan girl! No big deal hmmm?

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