Rosie Huntington Sexy For GQ

  • Rosie Huntington Sexy For GQ

    Rosie Huntington Sexy For GQ

    Rosie was named the Hottest Woman on Earth by Maxim, and She's been doing the rounds in a series of glossy magazines.

    Images Courtesy: GQ

  • July Hottie

    July Hottie

    The latest is her glam photo shoot for GQ magazine that will hit the stands in July.

  • Poolside Sweetie

    Poolside Sweetie

    The early look of the photo shoot reveal her picture where she is standing topless in a pool.

  • Burgundy Goddess

    Burgundy Goddess

    And then there is the picture of her in a sheer deep red gown, standing, legs apart, blond hair casually unkempt, staring at the world!

  • In The Past...

    In The Past...

    The model-turned actress has opened up about her battle with former school ground bullies, who would call her 'kipper lips'

  • Things Have Changed...

    Things Have Changed...

    'And boys didn't really go out with me.' Says Rosie. Things sure have changed!


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