Celina Is Not Lesbian !

  • Celina Is Not Lesbian !

    Celina Is Not Lesbian !

    Celina Jaitley, who's been a voice for gay rights, is annoyed! In an interview to DT, Celina told just what makes her mad...

  • Not Shy!

    Not Shy!

    'I have openly supported the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community and I don't feel shy about doing it.' Says Celina

  • ANGRY!


    'But what annoys me most is when people pass very stupid remarks. You can't even imagine, people have gone to the extent of saying that I'm a lesbian and my father and brother are gay!'

  • Misunderstood


    It's so weird and difficult to even understand the mindset of such people. Sadly, people in India have still not accepted the community. It is sad that people have always misunderstood me.

  • Community Above All

    Community Above All

    However, it does not bother me, or my family members. I shall still continue to show my support towards the community,'

  • However...


    Celina was conspicuous by her absence in she skipped sexuality which kicked off at Jantar Mantar on Saturday.

  • Dance... Dance !

    Dance... Dance !

    But, the same day, she was giving a performance at a Sangeet ceremony! Well, we guess, its all about priorities, hmmm?

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