A Desperate Housewife Goes Wild !

  • A Desperate Housewife Goes Wild !

    A Desperate Housewife Goes Wild !

    Eva Longoria's recently released comedy Without Men is evoking a lot of interest!

  • Eva's Same Sex Scene

    Eva's Same Sex Scene

    The interest is sparked by a lesbian scene featuring Eva Longoria and Mexican actress Kate del Castillo.

  • In Charge

    In Charge

    Eva plays a lady in charge of a Latin American village after it loses all of its men who are kidnapped by leftist guerrillas.

  • Not A Desperate Housewife

    Not A Desperate Housewife

    In the film, Longoria distances herself from her well-known character in Desperate Housewives to play the part of a strong-willed widow who winds up becoming the mayor of her town .

  • Director Speak...

    Director Speak...

    Argentine director Gabriela Tagliavini insists that 'it's not a lesbian drama' and neither is it a feminist allegory.

  • Watching Out

    Watching Out

    Although there are not many fellas in it, there'll be plenty watching it.


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