Scary Villains Of Bollywood

  • Scary Villains Of Bollywood

    Scary Villains Of Bollywood

    With Sanju Baba flaunting a very unconventional and fearsome look in Agneepath, it is seems that Bollywood's baddie definition will be rewritten.

    We have compiled a list of some legendary villains in Hindi movies, who sent shivers down our spine, by their sheer look.

  • Kancha Cheena (Agneepath)

    Kancha Cheena (Agneepath)

    Sanjay reprises the role of Kancha, a powerful crime boss. Donning a black outfit, in his bald avatar, a silver ring on top of his left ear, with puffed up eyes Sanjay looks damn scary in KJo's upcoming flick Agneepath. The actor also looks quite beefed up, and sports a wicked smile and tattoos.

  • Gabbar Singh (Sholay)

    Gabbar Singh (Sholay)

    Even after 30 years of release, fans fondly remember Sholay's Gabbar Singh. Amajad Khan's performance as sadistic dacoit who insists on killing people whenever required, to continue his status and to take revenge from his enemies. Gabbar's dialogue Kitne Aadmi the is still afresh in the memories of the fans.

  • Mogambo (Mr India)

    Mogambo (Mr India)

    Amrish Puri immortalized Mr.India with his impeccable performance as Mogambo. Dressed up like a General, sitting on a throne with his fingers tapping on the globe, Mogambo is one of the most mean antagonists of all times. Mogambo Khush hua in Amrish Puri's inimitable style is still as popular.

  • Shaakaal (Shaan)

    Shaakaal (Shaan)

    Kulbhushan Kharbanda's performance as Shakaal - the first techno villain - replete with a shark tank, sliding doors with colorful panels, and all gadgets is another memorable evil performances. Shakaal scored high on 'cruelty in style' too.

  • Maharani  (Sadak)

    Maharani (Sadak)

    Sadashiv Amrapurkar with his eunuch act as Maharani in movie Sadak left the audience spellbound. The way he used to twirl his hair and flirt ridiculously while carrying out treacherous acts was no less than a surprise performance for the masses having different notions about villains.

  • Jageera (China Gate)

    Jageera (China Gate)

    Another, one of the most remembered villainous performances of Bollywood is of Chinagate's Jageera. Mukesh Tiwari as a dreaded shabby and ruthless bandit in the movie thoroughly impressed the masses.

  • Ra.One (Ra.One)

    Ra.One (Ra.One)

    The sci-fi avatar of Arjun Rampal with a daemonic face and sporting a hood cap to cover it, also emerged as a trendsetter for the B-Town Sci-fi baddies in the recent past.

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