Hollywood's Hottest Looks !

  • Hollywood's Hottest Looks !

    Hollywood's Hottest Looks !

    The annual Hollywood's Hottest Looks survey, compiled by Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons. is out!

    Here's a lowdown of which celebrity's body parts are most desired by common people and most requested to plastic surgeons.

  • Best Body

    Best Body

    Friends star Jennifer Aniston has regained the title of most desired body after 3 years in the survey. This 40 plus star has left behind model Bar Rafaeli and singer Shakira (who are in their 20's) behind.

  • Best Lips

    Best Lips

    Angelina Jolie is the hands down winner when it comes to most desired lips, followed by Charlize Theron and Katherine Heigl.

  • Best Eyes

    Best Eyes

    Penelope Cruz's pretty eyes topped the list here. While Amanda Seyfried and Katy Perry were close contenders.

  • Best Hair

    Best Hair

    Pop singer Taylor Swift was leading when it came to most desired celebrity hair. The next best hair were of singer-actress Katherine McPhee followed by pop diva Jennifer Lopez.

  •  Most Desired Body (Men)

    Most Desired Body (Men)

    When it came to the most desired male body, it was the Thor star Chris Hemsworth who won, leaving behind hot bods like Taylor Lautner and Chris Evans.

  • Best Skin (Men)

    Best Skin (Men)

    Justin Timberlake has the most sought-after skin by the people, closely followed by Ryan Seacrest and Ryan Reynolds.

  • Best Cheeks (Men)

    Best Cheeks (Men)

    Jude Law's cheeks are the most envied and he left behind the likes of Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt.

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