Big Boss' Love Birds

  • Big Boss' Love Birds

    Big Boss' Love Birds

    Since its evolution mind games, flirting and dating have been an inseparable and spicy part of reality show 'Bigg Boss'.

    The recent rumors about Sky and Pooja Bedi going around, have revitalised the tradition. So here are a few more cupids of Bigg Boss who had generated ripples of love on and after the game show.

  • Sky & Pooja Bedi

    Sky & Pooja Bedi

    During the entire course of BB-5, inspite of errant behavior of Sky towards all the housemates, Pooja always stood by her good buddy.

    If rumors are to be believed then ever since the show ended, something is brewing between the two. The couple was even seen posing together at Dabboo Ratnani's calender launch.

  • Ashmit Patel & Veena Malik

    Ashmit Patel & Veena Malik

    Both Ashmit and Veena became overnight stars when they were seen cosying up with each other during Big Boss 4. Even the going around of the two fetched a good TRP for the channel. Though the duo always termed it as 'just friendship' but were spotted together number of times.

  • Rahul Mahajan & Monica Bedi

    Rahul Mahajan & Monica Bedi

    Attention seeker Rahul Mahajan was also seen romancing Monica Bedi in Big Boss house. Rahul proposed to Monica for marriage, but on eviction when asked about his love for Don's lady Rahul backed out from his intentions. Ah, true political legacy.

  • Aryan Vaid & Anupama Verma

    Aryan Vaid & Anupama Verma

    Amid lots of emotional proposals and sobbing, the love saga of Aryan and Anupama also entertained the audience during Big Boss 4. Later Aryan married Alexandra Copley an adjunct photography instructor in Columbus State Community.

  • Parvesh Rana & Claudia Ceisla

    Parvesh Rana & Claudia Ceisla

    In the season 3 of BB, being jailed was less of punishment and more of fun for Parvesh and Claudia. The experience emerged as a boon for the two and possibly it was that awsome imprisonment which ignited the flames for the duo and fetched a sound popularity too.

  • Ravi Kisan & Carol Gracias

    Ravi Kisan & Carol Gracias

    Well, love doesn't know any differences, at least rumors about love vibes between Ravi and Carol substantiated the fact. Though Ravi was assumed to be one women man but still the brewing of love story between the two fetched a huge attention.

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