Erotica : The Flourishing Spice of Bollywood

  • Erotica : The Flourishing Spice of Bollywood

    Erotica : The Flourishing Spice of Bollywood

    Bollywood seems to be welcoming the new cine trends with unfolded hand. At least volley of upcoming thrillers with a high dose of eroticism is a conspicuous proof of this fact.

    Movies like Jism, Murder, Murder-2 have already attained the status of memorable erotic thrillers, and now the new consignment of erotic-thrillers is ready to aghast the cine-bonkers.

    So, lets have a look at a few of these erotic-thriller and their eroticism coefficients.

  • Blood Money

    Blood Money

    Thriller cine flick which is considered as a saga low on erotic score by its producers is Blood Money. But the buzz about the movie started gaining the pace, only after the leak of a steamy clips showing Kunaal Khemu and Mia Uyeda in a passionate love making sequence.

    Well, isn't it a testimonial to the fact about rising demand of erotica?

  • Hate Story

    Hate Story

    The promos of Hate Story have already started alluring the moviegoers with its super bold and erotic content. Bangla bombshell Paoli Dam's disquieting erotic appearance in movie is expected to fetch a good amount of fan's attention for her, never seen before performance.

    Did somebody say 'Jo dikhta hai vo bikta hai'.

  • Jannat - 2

    Jannat - 2

    Jannat-2, starring serial kisser Emraan and hottie Esha Gupta is another Bollywood thriller potpourri, which will be giving fans a good dose of erotica and sensuality, blended with a crime-thriller plot.

  • Raaz 3

    Raaz 3

    Bhatts belong to the league of those director's who are well versed with the skill of serving a perfect cine-curry garnished with, just the right quantity of erotica.

    So, very much in accordance with Bhatt's cine legacy of offering just the perfect amount of erotica. Raaz-3 is another thriller starring Emraan Hashmi, Bipasha and Esha Gupta which may leave fans mesmerised by its sultry quotient.

  • Jism-2


    Signing of Sunny Leone as female lead for Jism-2 sent across a massive stir among the cine fans and made Sunny, the most searched diva on Google in Indian subcontinent.

    Later on, when more than revealing poster of the movie was unveiled it further roused the already anxious libido of the cine bonkers who became more apprehensive about Jism-2 and its content.

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