SantaBanta's Wishlist For Big Boss 4

  • SantaBanta's Wishlist For Big Boss 4

    SantaBanta's Wishlist For Big Boss 4

    The most exciting part of Bigg Boss is when the participants are revealed... and they make their entry into Bigg Boss's house.

    That's always the interesting forerunner to a show that's going to be full of bitching and bad mouthing and sometime camaraderie and good times too!

    This time, we've drawn up a list of the participants and we'll give you the reasons why we chose them!

  • Mallika Sherawat

    Mallika Sherawat

    Because she can disguise herself as a snake and eliminate her rivals! Hisss! And Bite! In her free times, she can distribute milk shakes named after her!

  • Harbhajan Singh

    Harbhajan Singh

    So that he can clean bowl his opposers. And when he's not doing that, maybe he does a bhangra step or two, while chanting, 'Monkey! Monkey!'

  • Bruna Abdullah

    Bruna Abdullah

    We need a hottie to heat up things, don't we? So, we propose Bruna, the Hottie who Loves Luv stories! One thing though... keep Shiny and her in different cages... oops! rooms, we mean!

  • Meghna Malik

    Meghna Malik

    It's going to need a toughie to keep this unruly bunch under control! Love to see Ammaji, get this loud, dramatic lot in control!

  • Anu Mallik

    Anu Mallik

    He's such a big mouth and he has such a loud voice! Perfect to drown out the others' voices in an argument. And if you are really unlucky, he'll sing one of his plagiarized compositions too!

  • Ekta Kapoor

    Ekta Kapoor

    Time that Ekta got to BE in a drama of other people's making rather than getting others to emote and weep! With so many characters to play with, we bet Ekta will come up with another serial after this: 'Bigg Boss ke Ghar ki Dulari!'

  • Kim Sharma

    Kim Sharma

    The pretty young thing who guys love to protect! Kim fits the bill perfectly! And anyway, she ain't doing much with her life, so she might as well look pretty here in Bigg Boss, right!

  • Himesh Reshammiya

    Himesh Reshammiya

    Cacofonix, move over! Himesh is here, with a double voice too! He's the only one who can out shout Anu Malik, and match him tune for tune!

  • Shiney Ahuja

    Shiney Ahuja

    From one prison to another! What's the difference? Only thing is that we feel that he'll have an unfair advantage... he's used to closed spaces, you see!

  • Shashi Tharoor

    Shashi Tharoor

    Maybe Sunanda will Push-kar Shashi into Bigg Boss! We hear that she loves to be seen in the 'right' places, and just like she's found her way into the diplomatic social circles, we'll see her in BB's house too! Two for the price of one?

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