Cricketers and Their Puckish Tales

  • Cricketers and Their Puckish Tales

    Cricketers and Their Puckish Tales

    It looks like Cricket is no longer an appropriate domain of sport, to be decorated with the appellation of gentle men's game because of constant emergence of some not so favourable reports pertaining to the sport.

    Latest buzz which has stormed the Cricket aisles is about umpire Rauf's alleged involvement in a sexual exploitation case.

    So let's have a look at some of the puckish cricketers who also landed in the scandals pertaining to prurience.

  • Asad Rauf

    Asad Rauf

    Well ICC's elite panel umpire Asad Rauf has very well proved, that when it comes to raunchiness then Cricket's non-playing icons are no where less than their active counter parts.

    While responding to the latest buzz about his sexually exploiting an upcoming model Leena Kapoor, Rauf stated, that Leena had taken pictures with him by posing as a fan.

    Now only Rauf can tell with how many other fans, has he posed with in such an intimate manner.

  • Luke Pomersbach

    Luke Pomersbach

    Before this Asad Rauf controversy another controversy which thoroughly stirred the cricketing arena was of Aussie cricketer and RCB batsman Luke Pomersbach, who was arrested and charged with a case of molesting a woman named Zohal Hamid and assaulting her fiance in a Delhi hotel.

  • Kevin Pietersen

    Kevin Pietersen

    While pestering and then dumping Big Brother fame Vanessa Nimmo, Kevin Pietersen wouldn't be having even the remotest idea of the fact, that he is opting for a wrong medium to chase this damsel.

    Reportedly in 2005, British rag ran an interview with one of KP's conquests, Big Brother 'beauty' Vanessa Nimmo, where she spilled the beans.

  • Shane Warne

    Shane Warne

    The lover boy of Aussie squad is globally famous for his libido driven shenanigans, which often land this maestro of spin into trouble. Shane became a source of attention for gossip hungry paparazzi and hit newspaper headlines when he was caught troubling a British nurse Donna Wright with a series of salacious voice messages.

    Tale of Warne's prurient puckishness do end here only, he also got in the claws of vigilant media, when in 2003 Angela Gallagher claimed that he'd been bombarding her with raunchy text messages.

  • Shahid Afridi

    Shahid Afridi

    Shahid Afridi the most admired hunk of Pakistani Cricket too landed in a controversy, when he was caught entertaining a group of young ladies in his hotel room just before the start of a tournament.

    Though Shahid insisted, that the gathering was there just for his autographs, but no one believed the poor cricketer.

  • Daryl Tuffy

    Daryl Tuffy

    This kiwi pacemen ran into trouble in 2005, when he fell prey to some voyeuristic heads, who captured Tuffy in their mobile cameras while he was caught in a compromising position with a 23-year-old Christchurch sales representative.

    But inspite of so much hype, the dust settled down when the woman involved insisted that she's never met Tuffy.

  • Mike Gatting

    Mike Gatting

    The ace batsman of English cricketing arena Mike Gatting, landed up in a trouble when was accused of being with a barmaid, Louise Shipman, in his hotel room during the first Test against the West Indies at Trent Bridge in 80s.

    Inspite of Gatting's constantly denying the story, the issue fetched its toll and the English bigwigs dismissed Gatting.

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