Bebo's Tryst With Sensuality

  • Bebo's Tryst With Sensuality

    Bebo's Tryst With Sensuality

    After a stint of around 12 years in Bollywood, now Bebo seems to be emerging as as one of the most seasoned actress of Indian showbiz, who owns the adroitness of performing any and every kind of role.

    The recent audacious act of this gorgeous damsel, which has already turned into talk of the town is her intimate scene in the upcoming cine flick Heroine, but it's not that this Kapoor beauty is getting bold for the first time. In the past also she has exhibited her prurient side in various movies.

    So here are a few sensual scenes from the past cine flicks of Bebo.

  • Heroine


    Even before its release, cine flick Heroine have already got people talking about its boldness-quotient. And all credit for this goes to, stupendous Bebo who will be seen getting cozy with co-stars Arjun Rampal and Randeep Hooda in the movie.

    If reports about passionate scene of Bebo are to be believed then they suggest that, initially Chote Nawab Saif was not comfortable about Bebo's going bindass for her character in movie.

  • Kurbaan


    This sizzling shot picturised on Saifeen for cine flick Kurbaan wouldn't have taken much of the effort of both the protagonists, because of their on and off screen chemistry.

    If reports, about this K.Jo production, are to be believed then the sizzling chemistry of Saifeena, turned into a liability for the movie which severely marred the marketing of this taut thriller.

    On the other hand, one thing which can't be denied about the sequence is that, in the entire scene Saifeena looked at their sizzling best.

  • Fida


    If reports are to be believed then interstice between Bebo and her then love interest Shahid began to emerge, after Kareena's getting naughty with co-star Fardeen for a sequence in cine flick Fida.

    Reports even suggest that, Bebo's chemistry was a bit too hot to handle for Shahid, who shared a bitter equation with Fardeen.

  • Omkara


    Cine flick Omkara, the celluloid version of Shakespearean saga 'Othello' also showcased Kareena's sensuality, where she had a passionate love making scene with co-star Ajay Devgn.

    This entire sequence of Omkara was beautifully shot by director Vishal Bhardwaj, who used dim-lighting and a splendid background song to add on to the sensuous ambiance of the scene.

  • Ajnabee


    With a premise having its roots in wife-swapping, Abbas Mastan's thriller saga Ajnabee also exhibited the prurient avatar of Kareen, where Bebo and Akki were seen getting cozy in such a manner that, it seemed somewhat too much as per the Indian cinema standards.

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