Bollywood's Reply to Bond

  • Bollywood's Reply to Bond

    Bollywood's Reply to Bond

    Though SRK's wish to play the character of James Bond has been abnegated by Daniel Craig a few days back on the pretext of audience entertainment, but one thing that Daniel needs to understand is that, Indian showbiz has got a whole brigade of acting icons, who can animate any and every kind of role.

    So let's have a look at some of the titans of Bollywood who own the potential to play the character of Bond.

  • Shah Rukh Khan

    Shah Rukh Khan

    After playing a spectrum of roles, SRK has thoroughly proved that besides being a lover boy of Bollywood he is one such cine sorcerer of celluloid who knows the art of entertaining the masses.

    And as far as donning that quintessential black tuxedo while holding a gun is concerned, then Shahrukh is a perfect fit for the role, because the physique and style that Baadshah of Bollywood owns, is no where less then that of Pierce Brosnan.

  • Salman Khan

    Salman Khan

    Whatever character our Sallu Miya performs, is always loved by the huge fan following that this superstar owns. And the conspicuous example of the same is his last four releases, which made it to 100 Cr club with quite an ease.

    On the other hand the success of his last release, Ek Tha Tiger where he played the character of a secret agent very well proves that, Sallu is Bollywood's reply to Daniel Craig.

  • Hrithik Roshan

    Hrithik Roshan

    When it comes to those dare devil action sequences, then Hrithik leaves no scope for any one to surpass him.

    His adroitness in those parkour skills and ability to perform those mind boggling stunts which he exhibited in Dhoom-2 very well makes him an eligible James Bond of Bollywood.

  • Aamir Khan

    Aamir Khan

    Another actor who is known for his habit of perfecting things and can do a thorough justice to the character of James Bond is our very own Mr Perfectionist Aamir.

    And as far as performing those adrenaline shooting stunts are concerned then, after the arrival of YRF's Dhoom-3 where Aamir will be seen in a negative avatar, all the apprehensions are expected to come to a stand still, because brand Dhoom is primarily known for its larger than life action sequences.

  • Ranbir Kapoor

    Ranbir Kapoor

    So far we have not seen Ranbir in a jet set avatar, but one thing which can be said with a huge backing of confidence is that, if ever given a chance to play the character of Bond, then very much in accordance with his past performances, Ranbir will once again come out with an outstanding performance as Bond.

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