Sizzling Dusky Divas of B-Town

  • Sizzling Dusky Divas of B-Town

    Sizzling Dusky Divas of B-Town

    Gone are the days when only fair skinned divas use to be the fantasy women of many, now even the dusky complexion adds on to the sex appeal of our Bollywood beauties, who too govern the fantasy of cine buffs.

    So let's have a look at some of the sizzling beauties of tinsel town, who despite having a dusky complexion falls in the league of most sought after damsels.

  • Bipasha Basu

    Bipasha Basu

    About Bipasha it won't be wrong to say that, it's she who is responsible for the onset of trend dusky beauty in the tinsel town.

    Though she debuted with cine flick Ajnabee, but her scorching hot sultry performance in, Jism, left everyone astonished and fetched the title of dusky beauty for this stupendous damsel.

  • Mahie Gill

    Mahie Gill

    Inspite of not being in the A-grader league of Bollywood, Mahie is one such actress who has thoroughly proved her mettle by delivering some sinewy performances during her cine jaunt.

    And as far as prurience quotient is concerned then there are no doubts about the fact that, Mahie owns too much of it in her and this she has proved recently by posing audaciously for Maxim.

  • Sameera Reddy

    Sameera Reddy

    Though Sam could not succeed in making it big in showbiz but inspite of that, her voluptuousness is something which make fan's pulse skip a beat.

    If recent reports are to be believed then this southern siren feels proud about her dusky complexion and curvaceous figure. And why not because up till an extent she still governs the fantasy of many.

  • Deepika Padukone

    Deepika Padukone

    Leggy Lass of Bollywood, Deepika Padukone, is one such damsel of glamour aisles who owns a huge fan following.

    Besides curvaceous butt and silky gams, another feature that adds on to the oomph of DP is her dusky complexion.

  • Chitrangada Singh

    Chitrangada Singh

    Glamour quotient of hottest mommy of glamour circuit, Chitrangada Singh, is so enchanting that at times it makes cine buffs forget that she is married and has a kid.

    In nut shell, all we can say about this dusky mom is that, she is the true 'Vicco Turmeric beauty' because, ' Inki twacha se inki umar ka patta hi nahi chalta'.

  • Lara Dutta

    Lara Dutta

    Another gorgeous dusky mom of tinsel town who inspite of being on a temporary hiatus from glamour arena, still governs the psyche of cine goers is Lara Dutta.

    Be it her height, sharp facial feature or the dusky complexion, everything about Lara is simply loved by the fans.

  • Jiah Khan

    Jiah Khan

    When Jiah stepped in the glittery lanes of Bollywood with Nishabdh opposite Big -B, she literally took tinsel town by storms.

    Her super audacious acts, in Nishabdh and in the movies which followed, fetched her the tag of sizzling hot seductress.

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