Poonam Pandey's Compulsive Addictions

  • Poonam Pandey's Compulsive Addictions

    Poonam Pandey's Compulsive Addictions

    Poonam Pandey is back again but this time with a new popularity gimmick, where she is trying to sensationalise the arrival of her debut flick which is reportedly an adult cine cantata.

    The newest stunt that Poonam has deployed to fetch the publicity is by scratching the addiction belly of cine buffs. But on the flip side, before titillating the habit rib of masses, this limelight moth needs to introspect about her own compulsive addictions.

    We don't think that, Ms Pandey herself is ever going to do that, so let's have a look at some of the compulsive addictions of Poonam.

  • Compulsive Strip-O-Mania

    Compulsive Strip-O-Mania

    The first and foremost addiction that this sultry damsel seems to be suffering from is compulsive, Strip-O-Mania. Be it any occasion, this self-obsessed diva always manages to extract an excuse to strip.

    Recent reports even suggest that, in one of her tweets Poonam has even admitted, that she is addicted to the habits of clicking her audacious pics.

  • Habitual Muckraker

    Habitual Muckraker

    About Poonam it won't be wrong to say that, nobody's business is her favourite business.

    Be it about taking a dig at Bip's or spat with Chitrangada Singh, this favourite child of controversy is thoroughly captivated with in the confines of her habit of mud-slinging.

  • Loves to Celebrate Even Dodo's Birthday

    Loves to Celebrate Even Dodo's Birthday

    Only Poonam can put some light on the fact that, from where she purchase such a calender which has got the mention of every kind of amorous festivals. Be it International Cleavage Day or International Bikini day, Poonam don't let go any of the opportunities of exhibiting her prurience.

    So hopefully very soon we will have a day, when this sex kitten will announce a stripping act to observe even a Dodo's birthday.

  • Exploiting the Gentleman's Game

    Exploiting the Gentleman's Game

    Cricket seems to be one of the foremost fascination of Ms Pandey. Be it world Cup final, KKR's IPL victory or Kohli's explosive batting againest Pakistan, everything made her so happy that she never felt uncomfortable in stripping to celebrate the on-field success of these celeb titans.

    Now the million dollar question is that, is it Poonam's die hard craze for Cricket or it's just a habit of exploiting the popularity of gentleman's game, which is more of a religion in this part of the world.

  • Grabbing The Trends

    Grabbing The Trends

    Another compulsive fascination that our Ms Pandey has is of staying updated about the latest trends of gossip arena.

    For this purpose her best buddy is one of the micro blogging sites, from where Ms Pandey picks up the trends like Anna's Janlokpal, Porngate and somehow manages to assimilate with them in order to keep her gossip cog rolling.

  • Compulsive Motormouth

    Compulsive Motormouth

    Be it Cricket, Politics, or sports. Poonam firmly believes that being an India it's her fundamental right to utter something about everything.

    And this she has proved number of times on twitter, by doing a running commentary for ongoing cricket matches and while sharing her expert hokum about, God particle which scientists reportedly found during LHC experiment.

  • Self Obsession

    Self Obsession

    Another most prominent addiction that Poonam has is of self obsession. Inspite of the arrival of flurry of sultry damsels in the tinsel town, Ms Pandey feels least bit coy in exhibiting her superiority.

    Reports even suggest that, whenever Poonam is asked about damsels like Sunny, Sherlyn or Rozlyne, she simply responds with a pet reply that, ' they are good at what they do and I am excellent at my job.


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