Sherlyn's Sizzling Surprises

  • Sherlyn's Sizzling Surprises

    Sherlyn's Sizzling Surprises

    One thing which is quite conspicuous now is that, sultry damsel Sherlyn has firmly mastered the art of taking gossip aisles by surprises. The newest buzz that has thoroughly stirred the gossip arena is about her being the leading lady of an upcoming erotic saga Kamasutra 3D.

    So before some other shocker comes out of this sultry diva's baggage let's have a look at some of the past incidents pertaining to Sherlyn which left the masses astonished.

  • From Playboy to Kamasutra 3D

    From Playboy to Kamasutra 3D

    The latest explosive shell that has come out of the bunker of of this prurient hottie is about her being the leading lady of Rupesh Paul's upcoming lecherous saga Kamasutra 3D.

    If buzz is to be believed then as per Sherlyn Kamasutra 3D is going to change the perception of the masses about the sex and epic Indian literature.

  • Sherlyn On Playboy Magazine

    Sherlyn On Playboy Magazine

    When Sherlyn announced her alliance with Playboy Magazine she literally stirred the gossip aisles. And that's simply because this gorgeous dame didn't let loose her tongue till the time every thing was finalised.

    Now, November is about to start and fans are eagerly waiting to have the first glimpse of Sherlyns oozing oomph on the cover of magazine which is scheduled to reach the stands this month.

  • No Pseudo Hype Before the Show

    No Pseudo Hype Before the Show

    Unlike her other contemporaries, i.e Poonam and Rozlyn who habitually create a pseudo hype in gossip aisles about their upcoming audacious acts, Sherlyn left every one astonished when she went ahead with a dare bare act on twitter and that too without any forewarning or hullabaloo.

  • This Honey Loves Money

    This Honey Loves Money

    Another explosive revelation by sex goddess Sherlyn, that seized the gossip aisles with a flurry of astonishment, post her Playboy stint was her confession on twitter about her indulging in sexual relationships to make easy bucks.


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