Nepotism And Bigg Boss

  • Nepotism And Bigg Boss

    Nepotism And Bigg Boss

    Eversince its inception mud slinging and controversies had been a mandatory dessert of, Big Boss' entertainment salver. But this time the wraith that has come out of its vial to haunt the reality show is allegations of 'Nepotism'.

    It is not for the first time, that fingers have been raised towards the show and its host Salman, on the grounds of favouritism. Even in the past similar allegations haunted this popular reality show.

    So let's have a look at a few of the past incidents which somewhat exhibited the prevalence of nepotism in Bigg Boss.

  • Kashif - Sallu Friendship

    Kashif - Sallu Friendship

    The latest allegation that has embraced Bigg Boss is about so called 'Aam Aadmi' Kashif of the show who is reportedly not that common as it has been dictated in the past.

    If reports are to be believed then Kashif the Hydrabad based martial art expert has been recommended to Sallu, by a Big shot belonging to 'City of Nawabs', who is incidentally a good pal of Salman Bhai.

    So do we need to narrate the rest of the story?

  • Is Sana Salman's New Muse

    Is Sana Salman's New Muse

    Like previous season, this time again we have a gorgeous hottie who reportedly enjoys the patronage of of Sallu Miya and that is Sana.

    If grapevine is to be believed, then Sana shares a cordial bonding with Salman, since the time duo have shared the screen space in a T.V. commercial.

  • Karishma Kotak and Salman's Patronage Umbrella

    Karishma Kotak and Salman's Patronage Umbrella

    Another glamour world damsel, who is reportedly enjoying the shade of Salman's patronage umbrella is, Karishma Kotak.

    And as per the sources reasons for the same is, Karishma's association with Salman, since their maiden advertisement stint and grapevine further suggests that, at one point of time Karishma was going around with another house mate, Niketan Madok who again belongs to the good books of Salman.

  • Niketan Madok

    Niketan Madok

    Bigg Boss' season -6 brigade comprises of another not so famous native of tinsel town, i.e Niketan, who is reportedly been chosen by the makers of Bigg Boss to reside in the house, because of his belonging to the inner circle of near and dear ones of Salman.

  • Were Mahek - Salman Really Going Around

    Were Mahek - Salman Really Going Around

    Even during the previous season of Bigg Boss, gossip aisles were thoroughly fumed by the fragrance of nepotism in the reality show. And that's because of the presence of sizzling Mahek Chahal in the house, who was rumored to be the love interest of this most Wanted Khan.

    This issue was even raised by some of the inmates of the house like Pooja Bedi, Sky aka Akashdeep Sehgal and Shakti Kapoor, on being disowned from the house.

  •  Salman's Firang Fascination Claudia

    Salman's Firang Fascination Claudia

    It is not that, Salman started maintaining his influence on the the show only after his arrival on the central stage. Buzz suggests that, Firang diva Claudia Ciesla got her ticket to Bigg Boss house, only after the intervention of Salman.

    Though both Claudia and Salman negated all such rumors, but as far as gossip arena is concerned then it had ample ripple traces of buzz pertaining to Salman and Claudia's going around.

  • Kahaani Sameer Soni Ki

    Kahaani Sameer Soni Ki

    Well it is not that, it's only Salman who deserve those suspicious stares. Even some other influential natives from showbiz also carpeted the path for their dear ones to enter in to Bigg Boss house.

    One such name is that of Ekta Kapoor, who reportedly pressed on the name of Sameer Soni to be part of Bigg Boss, and that's because Sameer is the hubby of Ekta's best pal and yesteryear actress Neelam.

  • Vindu's Khiladi Friend

    Vindu's Khiladi Friend

    If reports are to be believed, then even the winner of Bigg Boss season-3 Vindu Dara Singh also had a godfather who introduced him to the makers of the show.

    But one thing that deserves to be praised about Vindu is that after winning the show, he dedicated his victory to our very own Akki, who recommended..... oh we mean introduced him to Bigg Boss biggies.


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