Indipop Fixated to Prurience

  •  Indipop Fixated to  Prurience

    Indipop Fixated to Prurience

    It seems that just like Bollywood, think tanks of Indipop have also run out of innovation, hence compelling Indipop icons to serve the remixed versions of classic Bollywood songs, after dabbling them in the treacle of prurience.

    So in order to substantiate this home truth, let's have a look at a few pop songs which simply showcased prurience on the name of pop music.

  • Sizzling Sophie in Hungama

    Sizzling Sophie in Hungama

    The diva who has once again rolled the ball of prurience through her latest pop song is sizzling Sophie Chaudhary.

    In her latest song from the album 'Hungama Ho Gaya', she will be seen shaking her pelvis in the remixed version of classic song 'Hungama Ho Gaya' from cine flick Anhonee, in which yesteryear actress Bindu sizzled.

  • Shefali Zariwal in Kanta Laga

    Shefali Zariwal in Kanta Laga

    Shefali Zarival, the sultry 'Kaanta Laga' girl within no time shot to fame, when she exhibited her oodles of oomph while donning a thong attire for this scorching hot song.

    Though song went viral among the masses, but again it was a pruriently decorated remix of the song from Asha Parekh starrer cine flick Samaadhi which was sung by Lata Mangeshkar.

  • Rakhi Sawant in Pardesia

    Rakhi Sawant in Pardesia

    Even the motor mouth of Indian showbiz, Rakhi Sawant debuted with a so called pop song 'Pardesia' which was nothing more than a lecherous re-presentation of one of memorable song from Big-B and Rekha starrer cine flick Mr Natwarlal.

    In the remixed version, Rakhi was seen least bit coy in flaunting her assets, which thoroughly added to the sultry coefficient of the song.

  • Negar Khan and Nisha in Chadti Jawani

    Negar Khan and Nisha in Chadti Jawani

    It looks like the memorable songs of singing legend Lata are one of the hottest favourites of pop world natives who have an irresistible temptation for Lata's songs. Another such classic song which was served to Indipop fans, after dabbling in the fragrance of lecherousness is 'Chadti Jawan remix'.

    In the remixed version, sensually hot Negar Khan and Nisha Kothari were seen sizzling in a lingerious avatar while dancing on the remixed version of evergreen song 'Chadti Jawani' from Jeetender and Asha Parekh starrer cine flick Carvaan.


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