B-Town's Fascination for Ancient Erotica

  • B-Town's Fascination for Ancient Erotica

    B-Town's Fascination for Ancient Erotica

    While penning down the ancient erotic text 'Kama Sutra' its creator Vatsayayan wouldn't have had it in his remotest ideas, that in 21st century his lewd creation will turn into a source of ideas for tinsel town showbiz merchants.

    So with newest buzz about Sherlyn's being the female lead of next Kamsutra tale, let's have a look at some other cine tales and their leading ladies, which showcased Bollywood's fascination for ancient erotica.

  • Sherlyn Chopra - Kamasutra 3D

    Sherlyn Chopra - Kamasutra 3D

    The diva who is now all set take onscreen sensuality to another level is Sherlyn.

    After stirring the grapevine with her Playboy stint now this limelight moth is all set to get more lecherous on the celluloid in Rupesh Paul's upcoming cine flick Kamasutra 3D.

  • Indira Sharma - Kama Sutra:  A Tale of Love

    Indira Sharma - Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love

    When this directorial venture of Mira Nair, featuring Indira Varma and Rekha made it to gossip aisles, it sparked controversy with in no time subsequently leading to a ban on it in India.

    In movie Indira played the character of a servant who in order to avenge her insult from princess gets raunchy with the would be husband of latter.

  • Anu Aggrawal - The Cloud Door

    Anu Aggrawal - The Cloud Door

    Another cine cantata with its roots in ancient erotic literature was The Cloud Door, where Aashiqui fame Anu Agrawal was seen scorching the silver screen.

    Though the movie went relatively unnoticed, but the hot-bod show that Anu put forth, thoroughly succeeded in fetching some gazes for this otherwise unknown damsel.

  • Rekha - Utsav

    Rekha - Utsav

    Even the evergreen beauty of Bollywood, Rekha, tossed her prurient side while sharing some sizzling hot moments with Shekar Suman in cine flick Utsav based on a tale relating of ancient India.

    The movie wasn't exactly the tale based on Kama Sutra, but the hotness it showcased was nowhere less than that of those tales which have their roots embedded in the erotic literature.


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