Controversial Indian Ads

  • Controversial Indian Ads

    Controversial Indian Ads

    It seems that when it comes to showcasing prurience and lewdness then even Indian ad gurus feel least bit coy in conceptualizing the scorching hot ad campaigns for the small screens.

    At times it has also been seen that these sizzling ads land up in one or the other telecast controversies for trespassing the statuary norms but inspite of that up till a great extent they succeed in fetching the relevant fame for the concerned product.

    So here are some of the controversial ads of Indian small screen which under went the scissors of state.

  • Milind and Madhu in Tuffs Footwear Ad

    Milind and Madhu in Tuffs Footwear Ad

    In mid 90s a footwear ad featuring models Madhu Sapre and Milind Soman posing nude with a python, landed in conflict with statutory authorities and even faced an obscenity case which was filed against all persons (including the models) who were involved in making of the offensive ad.

    If reports are to be believed then besides social activists, animal rights protesters also raised their voice to get the ad off the streets.

  • Levis Jeans

    Levis Jeans

    In order to show case its product as second skin, denim brand Levis decided to campaign its product with several model wearing nude-colored clothes that gave the impression of them being topless.

    But soon after the release of the campaign, electronic version and hoardings vanished from public view due to the objections raised by some of the 'moral cops'.

  • Arbaaz and Malaika  MR Coffee

    Arbaaz and Malaika MR Coffee

    Another celebrity couple who had to face the wrath of the masses for serving obscenity in the form of ad is Malaika Arora and her hubby Arbaaz, who shot the ad for the MR coffee brand, where the duo were seen getting cozy with a tagline which read,'Real pleasure can't come in an 'instant'.

    Later on the ad was pulled off air.

  • Bips and Dino In Calida Ad

    Bips and Dino In Calida Ad

    Back in 1998, even our very own dusky beauty Bipasha landed up in controversy for being part of a sensual ad campaign which she did along with her then beau Dino Morea.

    The ad campaign of Swiss undergarments brand Calida , where Dino was seen tugging Bipasha's panty with his teeth didn't go down well with then MOS for Cultural Affairs Anil Deshmukh, hence leading to the discontinuation of the campaign.

  • Bisleri Ad

    Bisleri Ad

    Even the mineral water brand Bisleri attempted to boost the craze of its product among the youth and changed their tagline from 'Pure and Safe' to 'Play safe'.

    In the ad a couple was shown drinking the product while making out on the beach, just like other sensual advertisement delights this too went off air soon after its release.

  • Sana Khan Amul Macho

    Sana Khan Amul Macho

    The ad which besides being a sort of launch pad for model Sana Khan also emerged as an instant controversy booster was that of Amul Macho 'Ye to bada toing hai' ad campaign, where this sultry sex goddess is seen exhibiting some very gawky expression while fantasizing about the sensuality.

    With in a short span of its release the IB ministry of India banned its screening but soon after this Advertising Standards Council of India cleared it for public viewing.

  • Set Wet Zatak, Wildstone deodorants

    Set Wet Zatak, Wildstone deodorants

    Ad campaign of Wildstone deodorant that showed women lusting after men who sprayed on these does also went under scanner. The ad went in the bunch of obscene ads after the I&B ministry of India found it to be suggestive and vulgar.

  • Aristocrat Black Whiskey

    Aristocrat Black Whiskey

    Somewhat suggestive ad of Aristocrat Black Whiskey also went off air for featuring a model in a tight dress that accentuated her bosom.

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