Salman's Larger Than Life Avatars

  • Salman's Larger Than Life Avatars

    Salman's Larger Than Life Avatars

    There are very few natives of Bollywood, whose repute remains unperturbed inspite of receiving negative verdict from the critics lobby. And one such showbiz giant whose movies inspite of receiving average ratings from cine evaluators manage to take BO by storms is none other than our very own Salman Bhai.

    So let's have a look at some of the larger than life avatars of Salman, which very well substantiate the above said facts.

  • Dabangg 2 Chulbul Pandey  Returns

    Dabangg 2 Chulbul Pandey Returns

    Undoubtedly Salman is the only entertainer of Bollywood, whose movies are always preceded by a tornado of buzz, which completely capture the gossip aisles. This time again Salman's upcoming larger than life cine cantata Dabangg-2 is taking gossip aisles by storms.

    In the movie Sallu Miya will once again be seen as disorderly cop Chulbul Pandey. And believe me this time again loudness of 'Pandeyji's Seeti' is going to give 2012 a never-seen-before kinda closing.

  • Tiger / Manish - Ek Tha Tiger

    Tiger / Manish - Ek Tha Tiger

    Call it Salman's smartness in picking up the release date or his charisma, that in Ek Tha Tiger the roar of the Tiger was so loud that it literally suppressed all the other sounds and successfully emerged as on of the biggest BO grosser of 2012.

  • Chulbul Pandey - Dabangg

    Chulbul Pandey - Dabangg

    When Salman's cop cape saga Dabangg made it to silver screen then nobody would have imagined that this disorderly celluloid cop will completely redefine the commercial benchmark of cop tale genre.

    But the amount of affection, attention and BO collection that Chulbul secured, compelled Khan brothers to go ahead with the sequel.

  • Lovely Singh - Bodyguard

    Lovely Singh - Bodyguard

    Though the name of Sallu Miya in Bodyguard sounded a bit girly, but the show of 'machismo-ism ornamented with gravity defying action sequences' that Salman put forth in the movie truly established him as the uncrowned king of the action genre too.

  • Rajvir Shekhawat / Radhey - Wanted

    Rajvir Shekhawat / Radhey - Wanted

    Salman played the character of cop in the past also, but his under cover cop avatar in cine flick Wanted truly initiated the onset of his 100 Cr journey to the elite league.

  • Prem Kapoor - Ready

    Prem Kapoor - Ready

    Success that Ready garnered thoroughly proved that whatever Sallu Miya does is bound to create the ripples in the gossip pond.

    Though Salman's character in the movie doesn't qualifies to be tagged as a larger than life one in absolute terms, but the success that this Rom-com fetched, well entitles it for consideration.


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