Sunny's Flight Towards Glory

  • Sunny's Flight Towards Glory

    Sunny's Flight Towards Glory

    Out of millions of gorgeous women, there are very few beauties who manage to make it to glamour aisles of B-town and after making it even fewer succeed in sustaining there.

    Undoubtedly Sunny is one out of those, who firmly believe that there is no alternative to hard work and professional commitment.

    So have a look at various facets of Sunny which clearly exhibits that some day this gorgeous diva is definitely going to make it big in Indian showbiz.

  • Truly Altruistic Damsel

    Truly Altruistic Damsel

    After making her presence feel in Bollywood, recently this gorgeous dame associated with pro-animal community PETA, where she stood by the cause of birth control among the street dogs.

    Though this is not something new any celebrity has done ever, but Sunny went a step ahead and provided shelter to two stray dogs in her abode.

    Isn't it sweet?

  • Best of Sunny is yet to come

    Best of Sunny is yet to come

    In current scenario every other day one or the other foreign hottie makes it to Bollywood, but on not getting a desired response to their performances, they either slip down to south or pack their baggage to never return back.

    But unlike those divas, Sunny whose debut flick Jism 2 received an average response on BO, preferred to take it as challenge and went with ahead brushing up of her acting in order to strive for a better future.

    And now she has cine cantatas of some of the notable production houses in her bunch of cine flicks.

  • Laborious Disciple

    Laborious Disciple

    After stepping in Bollywood Sunny could have easily banked upon her irrestible oomph to keep her gossip cog rolling, but instead she preferred to clutch the finger of hard work and went ahead with improvement in her dialectical abilities.

    Now Indian dialect nowhere seems to be in Sunny's roll of inhibitions. And as far as her comfort level with Hindi is concerned then, some people may get surprised, but yes, Sunny has attained the level where she can comfortably converse in the dialect

    Good going Sunny.

  • Embracing the Indian Elegance

    Embracing the Indian Elegance

    With her recent visit to 'Siddhivinayaka' temple in a traditional attire, Sunny once again proved her fascination and regards for Indian traditions.

    From another perspective it can be seen as one of the in-vogue trend of Bollywood, where celebs don't let go any of the opportunity of seeking Divine's blessing. Whatever it was? we are just happy, because Sunny presented herself with utmost elegance from both the perspectives.

  • Sunny's Fascination for Variations

    Sunny's Fascination for Variations

    Just like any other showbiz hottie Sunny too seems to be fascinated about diverse range of cinematographic genres, her debut flick Jism 2 was a crime thriller, where as her upcoming cine saga Ragini MMS belongs to horror genre.

    And if buzz is to be believed then this gorgeous dame has fetched another cine saga, where she will be seen getting into action mode with tons of rustic action in it.

  • Thickening Bunch of Endorsements

    Thickening Bunch of Endorsements

    Besides her cine kitty, Sunny's endorsement bunch is also getting heavy with the passage of time. Beginning her endorsement stint with Chaze mobile and Manforce condoms campaigns, Sunny is flooded with the endorsement offers, but she doesn't seems to be in any kind of hurry.

    And why not it's a thumb rule that slow and steady wins the race.

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