Pakistani Hotties Banking Upon Sensuality

  • Pakistani Hotties Banking Upon Sensuality

    Pakistani Hotties Banking Upon Sensuality

    They belong to the part of the world, where decorous demeanor is a mandate, but it looks like when it's about making big in glamour aisles then for these divas nothing matters as much as their dreams do.

    So have a look at some of the Pakistani dames who stepped in Bollywood but banked upon sensuality and prurience to make their mark.

  • Sara Loren

    Sara Loren

    With a sound dose of sensuality in Murder-3, where Sara is seen sharing some steamiest moments with Randeep it looks like she was more concerned about skin show than proving her acting prowess.

    After seeing her sensual stint in Murder 3 all we can suggest Sara is, 'Learn from the mistakes of your predecessors.'

  • Veena Malik

    Veena Malik

    After making it to Indian glamour corridor, through the lobby of 'Bigg Boss' house, Veena has thoroughly counted upon the power of her lewdness to make it big in Bollywood.

    Be it her FHM stint or her cine jaunt so far, every time Veena has put forth her prurient gimmicks to grab the gazes. Isn't it?

  • Meera


    When ace director Mahesh Bhatt launched, Pakistani hottie Meera with cine flick Nazar, scarcely he would have been aware of the fact that one day this pampered doll of his will snipe on his repute.

    With her debut flick under the patronage of Mahesh, Meera soared the temperature up to the limits and later on accused him of physical abuse.

  • Laila Khan

    Laila Khan

    Another controversial Pakistani hottie who took gossip aisles by storms through her audacious acts was sizzling hottie, Laila Khan.

    Laila put her sensuality at show opposite Rajesh Khana in 2008 release Waffa where she even locked lips with the veteran actor.

  • Negar Khan

    Negar Khan

    It looks like before stepping in Bollywood, Negar took a resolution to make it big in Bollywood only on the basis of her prurient gimmicks. Hence in each and every performance of her, she never forgot to cauterize at least one prurient arrow out of her arsenal.

    Be it her cine stint or item numbers everything from Negar's bunch of performances had tons of lewdness.

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