Anushka at Her Wildest Best

  • Anushka at Her Wildest Best

    Anushka at Her Wildest Best

    After starting her career in the raiment of 'Punjabi Kudi' and showcasing her bubbly side it looks like Anushka now want to count upon her wild side.

    Though she has exhibited her acting prowess in diverse range of characters but when it comes to her appearances on magazine covers then she seems to be following the wildness stereotype religiously.

    So have a look at some of magazine covers where Anushka has put forth her wild side in order to grab the gazes.

  • Scorching the Maxim cover again

    Scorching the Maxim cover again

    This February Anushka is scorching the cover of Maxim magazine where she has thrown her silky gams at show.

    Wearing a netted top teamed up with pink shorts Anushka is looking at her wildest best. So undoubtedly this February magazine stands are going to get burned by the oomph of this sizzling dame.

  • The Furry Beauty

    The Furry Beauty

    In November last year Anushka transformed in to furry beauty for Harper's Bazaar magazine where she looked sizzling in a designer skirt and used a furry shrug to cover her assets.

  • Prurient hottie of FHM

    Prurient hottie of FHM

    Before her Harper's Bazaar stint, Anushka put her stupendous curves at display for FHM, and looked gorgeously stunning while showcasing her curvaceous belly in August 2012 edition of the magazine.

  • Fit and Fabulous Stunner

    Fit and Fabulous Stunner

    In the same month Anushka also showcased her fab abs in a an attention grabbing attire for Women Health magazine. For Women Health Anushka flaunted her super hot bod in a bikini top, with a cut sleeves jacket over it and paired it with a denim short.

    Though it was somewhat a sporty avatar of Anushka but in spite of that her hot bod emerged as an instant gaze grabber.

  • Can't get hotter than this

    Can't get hotter than this

    Undoubtedly Anushka wouldn't have looked that prurient as she looked on the cover of Verve magazines February 2012 edition. With a wild style and seductive wantonness, she literally made fan's pulse skip a beat.

  • Cleavacious Diva of Maxim

    Cleavacious Diva of Maxim

    During her previous stint with Maxim, Anushka simply made millions of eye balls rove by her suggestive yet scorching hot style.

    While posing for Maxim's February 2011 edition, Anushka thoroughly proved that when it comes to sensuality then she is nowhere less than any other tinsel town native. On the cover of magazine earlier Anushka looked least bit coy in flaunting her cleavage, along with prurient wantonness in her eyes.

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