Divas who made Voluptuous Sexy!

  • Divas who made Voluptuous Sexy!

    Divas who made Voluptuous Sexy!

    With every passing day trends come and go in Bollywood, and with return of full bodies divas in the league of most sought after league of damsels, it looks like voluptuousness is now emerging as boon for hotties who want to make it big in the showbiz.

    So let's have a look at some of the hotties who made voluptuousness a synonym of sexiness.

  • Voluptuousness icon Vidya

    Voluptuousness icon Vidya

    Though potential and oomph of Vidya got recognized very late, but when it got, it literally toppled each and every prevailing notion about hotness.

    With her scorching hot sensuality in The Dirty Picture Vidya not only succeeded in fetching the top notch for herself but also paved the success path for numerous other full bodied hotties who wanted to make it big in showbiz.

  • Next-gen Voluptuous Diva Huma

    Next-gen Voluptuous Diva Huma

    Be it her decorous looks in Gangs of Wasseypur, Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurrana or her FHM stint, in every avatar her oodles of oomph did talking for Huma.

    And in fact it won't be wrong to say that, in the years ahead this sizzling yet talented diva from Delhi is going to take forward the legacy of our Very own Vidya 'Silk' Balan

  • Sizzling Amisha

    Sizzling Amisha

    Don't know whether it is for good or what, but if reports are to be believed then these days Amisha is not leaving any stone unturned to emerge as more sassy Amisha.

    Well all we can suggest Amisha is that 'instead of compromising your scorching voluptuous looks why don't you try brushing your acting prowess.'

  • Sultry Dame Sunny

    Sultry Dame Sunny

    Extent of Sunny's prurient charisma can be gauged by the fact that in a recently conducted survey, Sunny has emerged as one of the most searched Bollywood celebrity.

    In the league where every starlet tries to grab the gazes with her slim and slander figure, this sultry damsel never tried to run in that rat-race of svelte figure and continued with her full bodied looks.

  • Scorching hot Zarine

    Scorching hot Zarine

    When Salman introduced her in the glamour aisles, Zarine for a relatively lengthy period of time could not succeed in getting detached from 'Katrina scion' image and is usually tagged with the titles like 'Fatrina.'

    But it looks like now destiny has decided to bestow goodies on Zarine and now this sizzling voluptuous 'Katrina scion' has a fan following of her own.

  • Desi Girl Sonakshi

    Desi Girl Sonakshi

    It won't be wrong to say that, for Shotgun doll Sonakshi her relatively heavy stature has turned into a boon.

    With full bodied body-type, Sonakshi has not even turned into an official 'Desi girl' of Bollywood but has also succeeded in bagging all those roles which needed a girl next door kinda diva to perform them.

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