Chitrangada Loves to get Raunchy!

  • Chitrangada Loves to get Raunchy!

    Chitrangada Loves to get Raunchy!

    If somebody feels that svelte figure and a mind blowing sex appeal is the sole fiefdom of gorgeous bachelorette of Bollywood then he should have a look at Bollywood's yummy-mummy Chitrangada who with nearly every appearance of her, is outmaneuvering the sex appeals of many of the sizzling dames of tinsel town.

    So have a look at some of the mercury soaring raunchy stints of Chitrangada.

  • Sexy Lady of I Me aur Main

    Sexy Lady of I Me aur Main

    Although this upcoming talked about cine flick I Me Aur Main has got two sizzling dames opposite handsome hunk John.

    But after seeing the song and promos of the movie one can very easily infer that, in front of Chitrangada's show of prurience, Prachi somewhat seems to be struggling to grab the gazes.

  • Gorgeous Maya of Inkaar

    Gorgeous Maya of Inkaar

    Undoubtedly, no other hottie could have performed character of Maya Luthara in recently released cine flick Inkaar with the excellence with which Chitrabgada did.

    Thanks to irresistible sex appeal of Chitrangada which thoroughly attested verity factor of her character.

  • Prurient Mom of Maxim and FHM

    Prurient Mom of Maxim and FHM

    It's not that Chitrangada's prurient charm is confined with in the length and breadth of celluloid, rather it has got such a dissemination that it left millions shell shocked when Chitrangada sensually posed for FHM and Maxim magazine's covers.

  • Kafirana to make you crazy

    Kafirana to make you crazy

    Though cine flick Joker failed miserably on BO but inspite of that, Chitragnada's debut item song managed to make fan's eye balls rove.

    With a magnificent dose of glamour in it 'Kafirana' song of Joker made Chitrangada one of the most sough after yummy-mummy of tinsel town.

  • Chitrangada Made Sharman Say

    Chitrangada Made Sharman Say

    In another flick where Chitrangada simply left every one shell shocked was Sorry Bhai! where she featured with Sanjay Suri and Sharman Joshi. And the show of prurience and sensuality that she put forth along with Sharman, simply left everybody astonished.

  • Yeh Saali Zindagi

    Yeh Saali Zindagi

    Chitrangada started her prurience stint with her debut flick and Yeh Sali Zindagi where she shared some extremely cozy moments with co-star Kay Kay Menon.

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