Mallika Sherawat Nude On Twitter !

  • Mallika Sherawat Nude On Twitter !

    Mallika Sherawat Nude On Twitter !

    Mallika posted her topless pic on the popular social networking site 'Twitter' as a publicity stunt for her new flick Hissss. She portrays a snake-woman in this movie. In the topless pic, a kohled-eyed Mallika poses with a snake skin pattern on her body.

  • Outrageous Mallika !

    Outrageous Mallika !

    From classic styles to wearing something out of the box, Mallika often stands out at Hollywood's glamorous events, sometimes looking sexy and sometimes plain ridiculous!

    Check out some of Mallika's looks!

  • The Greek Goddess?

    The Greek Goddess?

    Trying on a classic Greek goddess look, Mallika dons a pink dress that accentuates her curves (do they NEED to be accentuated?). The dress has a fitted blouse and a white chiffon train. To complete the look, Mallika towers over the ladies in a coordinating pair of shoes, soft curls and some blinding jewellery.

  • Black is Not Always Beautiful

    Black is Not Always Beautiful

    Well, trust Mallika to make the little black dress into a eye popper! The black dress got a modern twist with a pair of short black shorts and a long overlay. The dress has detailed cut-outs which show off plenty of skin. The strappy heels and long black gloves pull it all together.

  • USA, Here she comes!

    USA, Here she comes!

    No prizes for guessing that Mallika just loves Amreeka! Here she shows off her love for the US in a strapless dress that replicates the American flag. Her high red heels make quite a statement and the grand head piece made of red, white, and blue tulle is the only accessory. Strange and weird are the ways of Mallika.

  • Cinderella's Sister ?

    Cinderella's Sister ?

    Take a look at Mallika in this nude bustier frock dress. It is a lovely dress with beautiful detailing. But, how awful are those tie-up sandals?

  • Bawdy suit

    Bawdy suit

    She sizzled in a sequined body suit, cunningly designed to make us believe she was nude! Looked hot... and raised many eyebrows!

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